Shame Your Social Worker

We are ashamed to be British, who would have thought this goes on in our society? We wouldn’t think it, because we don’t know it’s going on!

That’s about to change, we have but one tool at our disposal, a tool even more powerful than social worker’s having their day in court against hapless families, that tool is The Internet a machine so vast it covers the globe in seconds. Maybe, just maybe they have met their match. If you have been on the end of “their justice” it is more than likely you have nothing more to loose, please feel at liberty to tell it like it really is, name all involved, without revealing your identity.

Say NO to gagging orders, how dare they! We know its not in the interests of the child, its in the interests of the perverse judgments and scrappy evidence that could never stand up in a ‘proper’ court furthermore it could cause a public outcry if it ever got out. We’ve had enough of the injustice and the secret courts, this must end and it must end NOW, the outcry is about to begin.

Its not enough to tell your story, naming names is imperative if this is to have any impact, provide every detail you have, car registration numbers, home addresses even add a link to with their photograph. Create a profile on one of the many social networking sites, they can't afford to close them all, you will have maximum impact! The more information you provide the more they will want to close the site, the more they want to close it the more mirror sites will appear with all the same information on them, this will hurt them make no mistake, they won't like the publicity and like we care? No longer can they get away with the ability to hide behind the secret courts!

We have provided the means to "freely express" now you can have your say…

You can make your "comment" anonymously or if you are in any doubt about the traceability of your comment search for "Anonymous Surfing" and use a proxy website or go HERE then enter this Blog again by copy/paste ...then say your piece, your identity remains untouchable ...the world is waiting.

Our day will come.... as will theirs


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Anonymous said...

Susan Halsted temporary SW, ooohhh a very very sneaky bitch watch your back with this evil woman. Her specilaity is manipulating children, she needs a right good dressing down, but the GSCC will have to see to that.

Recorder Fairwood, Yorkshire area allows he LA to state their case and not the litigant parent. He does not allow the parctice direction to be applied in his courtroom, mmmmm is he rewriting the law to suit himself??

York City Chambers barristers are used by the LA who then nobble the judge to be one of their recorder friends, the old judge switcheroo to get the case to swing our way job. Mr Lee & Recorder Fairwood do you two think I am bloody naive and wet behind the ears or what? C'mon gents credit me with the intelligence I have, it didn't take me long to find your little trick out now did it.

Carter Brown Associates, google them, this is a database of useless so-called independent expert witnesses utilised by the LA's. One can guarantee the vast majority are education/child psyhcs, not experienced or trained in assessing adults. Check out those CV's you'll learn a whole lota about how the LA shaft you.

jade said...

I wish to name and shame the following

Social Worker Michael Hill, Kendal Cubria, for perjury and failure as a corporate parent in his duty of care to my granddaughter.

Paul Coldham Head of Barrow in Furness CAFCASS, for using threats of Forced Adoption to intimidate our family, 7 family members and for failing in his duty of care to protect my granddaughter.

Susna McConville Team Leader Kendal Childrens Services for false alleagtions with malicious and vindictive content against our innocent family and failure in her duty of care to protect a vulnerable child and denial of vital medical care.

Jo Caruthers Cumbria Complaints, for not addressing the serious issues we raised re institutional racism in Cumbria and the mal treatment we suffered as a family in the hands of racist social workers.

Susan McConville, again, for allowing vulnerable children to be sexually buggered in Foster care in Cumbria under her watch.

I can provide documented evidence to back up everything I have said here. On their own paperwork.

The family court judge Maine for perverting the course of justice and ignoring hard evidence which proves that THE TAYLOR FAMILY DID NOT HARM OUR CHILD as falsly accused by Cumbrian authorities.

Philip Scott Solicitor for perverting the course of justice and not representing the interests of the child. Following the aganda of Forced Adoption for illicite gain of the state. Denby and Co Solicitors where he works.

Anonymous said...

bill wilkings exter solictor for the crapcass dose not do his job and represent children and will acuse parents of going through his paper work
also represents the ss and takes free accomation from them
sara wallice plymouth team leader off her face on crack
rumer as it ss are aware of this but coke running foster families are quite frequent here in plymouth
david shepord for doing resurch on lac
dvid salter
nicola salter

Anonymous said...

yolande lindridge workes for social services and has mental health issues she has accused inconent people who have lost there children of the most horrible things she is in it for her own gain she got involved with me in kent and i found out she was working for the other side

Anonymous said...

chilling but accurate, this should be sent to every politician and judge in the country

Anonymous said...

Kent has apparently put a recent asbo order on Yolande Lindridge to shut her up and driven her to desperate measures
because she stood up to their corrupt masonic behaviour

I very much doubt if you google her name and see what she has been put through by the authourities including having had her own children threatened, that she would be on the other side or help the SS in any way

Looks like Kent County Council has some very serious problems ahead and will do anything to try and hide its shameful behaviour and child snatching activities

Anonymous said...

yolande lindridge is a plant and the asbo is to fool people
people will find out what this woman is about
and i forgot to say she is currentally calling brian greish a murder and a peodiphle

Anonymous said...

and before yolande come out with some more shit saying that i am trying to divide we have all the evidence of what she is and what she has done
so be warned about her thats all i can do be on your guard

Anonymous said...

All this government spin on how wonderfull the SS think they are, stealing and selling children to meet government targets.

common purpose.

Every-child matters EU policy from Berlin Germany, words from Hilter and look what he did, breaking up families, hidden agenda, one world order.
Do not t
rust a single word coming out of the state/government.

What been going on is cruel, wicked, evil, and inhumane.

Anonymous said...

Who is Yolande Linidge, is this wome/en a social worker?

Where is the evidence that this wom/en claims, and is going around in front of others, that Brian Gerrish is ................................
We could all bring a case against this person for bad mouthing others.

Maybe someone could write a article about Yolande Lindridge, send it in to the UK Column.

Anyone who knows Brian will tell you, he has been telling the truth about the state of affairs in the UK.

What is s/he a afraid of, the truth.

Anonymous said...

How can Judge Davis Tyzack QC sit as a family judge,
when he cheats on his wife, women who he ahs made homless in the courts,
Taken children from mothers/fathers,
abused their human rights, threatern the public twice with a Gun,
lied in his statement to the police,
Why did the police take no action.

he is a dirty old peop,
notice he never goes against the SS in plymouth?

Anonymous said...

i have only have ever seen tyzack once go against the ss,and even when the ss was exposed he was shouting how could you let this happen

Anonymous said...

would be interested in seeing what evidence there is against Yolande Lindridge, business woman of the year in Kent, with the recent asbo by the council?

Anonymous said...

robbin agnew aka frosty knickered old whore a hell from sw dingwall. is an evil piece of shit she mas made it clear as day that all she wants is to take kids o innocent pple that have dun fuck all an make muni o it cos she to fuckin thinck to do a proper job an its not a job its work of the devil thy say children r precious gifts frm god well wot the fuck is this nasy dried up old bitch with her fuckin fanny lips hangin dwn by her knees tryin to fuckin do bt wot ya no tryin to take kids o familiers cos shes evil rotten to the core child psycholist my fuckin arse more like a fuckin child abuser hersel thats married the devil. if she duz take her kids of her il take her by her fuckin shylock nose scrape her face along the road till the skin on her face is no longer thyr then rip her nose of cos its that big she cant keep it out of her business piss in the hole were her nose shud b an beat her til shes within a inch of her life an that still wudnt even compare to the pain an anguish it wud cos ma m8 shes the spawn o the devil im not religious bt she is pure evil. her 2nd in command puppet on a string sleaze side combed over baldy headed fuck pervurs steven mackay cant do fuck all bt think bout jumpin the bones o the woman he is takin the kids of il give him part an parcel in between his fuckin eye dirty lil fuckin fienian scabby bastard " how high do u want me to jump robbin ? dp u want me to jump of the pier wi bricks tied to me? thy annoy the fuck out me ma m8 has dun nothin love her kids thy even have the local gossip queen spyin on the n its all really really really sad and pathetic

Anonymous said...

Someone need to look in Alderhay Children Hospital and liverpool Social Services. They have been stealing children, telling mass of lies in reports to te corrupt family courts.

Yet they think that they can get away wirh it.

Someone needs to look in to, judge David Tyzack QC he sits in the south west he is a dirty old man, abuses women and gets off on it.

Works in hand with the corrupt SS in the south west of England. How did he get to be a QC. He has worked alone side corrupt judge Overend in Plymouth.

The Oath these judges take to stand in office is meaning less.

Anonymous said...

asking about Judges, maybe we could do the same, find out where the corrupt non-humans entities sit

we all know the best place for them is hanging from the nearest lamppost with the rest of the SS...when the public catch on they will be

Anonymous said...

Judges , CEO of councils, heads of legal teams, SS workers including cafcass/coram, useless MP,s , councillors will all be shamed.

The system is defacto they have no real power, all courts operate in Admiralty Law/Tax Courts thats why you have to prove you are innocent rather than the other way round.

The courts dont want you to know this, their rules only apply to THEM (actors) not you, you are signing and agreeing your children away, without realizing it.

You cannot win the conventional way they wont let you ,this is why it is hidden behind closed doors.

Start looking into commercial redemption and find out how you can beat them at their own game.

For all you corrupt low life out there, your game is up !

Anonymous said...

While the public sleep the government creeps - WAKE UP SHEEPLE

they are taking your children and your childrens children

Start looking into the Judges who all operate in Admiralty/Tax courts, NOT courts of law, as you are led to believe

they have NO power once you know
who you are; defacto government
and courts

start learning and then counter-claiming, it matters not if it is before during or after the court hearings

Remember, even the largest balloon cant be destroyed by the smallest pin

Anonymous said...

The Councils apply for gagging orders in the royal courts of justice, (in secret of course, cant let the public know
whats really going on, can we now)if they dare speak to anyone let alone put pictures, and I mean anyone including the useless MP,s
who pretend to give a s**t. Over 200 a year are imprisoned, of course the 'common purpose' BBC/media/papers wont tell the sheeple that ,
it might frightened them.

But they will report and use tragic cases like baby Peter's inorder to increase child trafficking, whilst leaving children in
abusive homes to die.

Most children are classed as being at risk of emotional abuse, no family stands a chance in our de facto courts with a de facto parties/government in place,
you can not win.

Over 4,000 children a year are being taken, over a 1,000 of these alone come from Kent and rising.

Is it any surprise when Peter Gilroy the chief executive of
Kent County Council is a psychiatric social worker (highest paid in the country about £250,000 a year) talk about putting the lunatics in charge of the asylum !
Virtually half of the MP's come from SS backgrounds and the other half are lawyers (corruption has no boundaries)the SS are also queuing up to get into the tory party and become MP's.

Children are trafficked, because that is what is really happening, these children are simply being stolen
and not all are going to families , if the secret family courts Cafcass/Coram and rubber stamping judges are not corrupt
why all the secrecy?

You only have to put forced adoption into utube to see all the desperate parents/relatives, funny how the government keep taking down the childrens debate in parliament were the incompetent ministers talk on the children bills , about grandparents only having to be good enough parents, that's funny because all of them are invited (made) to take psychological tests, if they are silly enough to agree and they never pass, its called hoop jumping.

The councillors know and so do the MP's including the Cabbage Patch doll , commonly known as David Cameron (do we really want a cabbage for our next leader , dont we already have one ?)

The only way is to tell the world and everyone you know; before they come for yours, forewarned is forearmed.The family courts and corrupt judges must be exposed ,not kept hidden to do their dirty work behind closed doors, which is exclusively for their protection not the childrens.

Council's are using your council tax , in order to steal your own children.

Anonymous said...

there is vast evidence against yolande lindridge

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The information provided by Camilla Cavendish on 'family ruined' is completely incorrect due to her false information reporting the judgement concerning this case has been made public. As for the maternal grandmother and councillor in this case she was found by the court to be a lying manipulative woman who should hold herself responsible for raising a deeply emotionally disturbed daughter who is also a failed accountant. Removal of a child from a family would cause an extreme amount of upset but I would say in a large majority of these cases social services having worked with the family for a long period of time were unable to make any changes to allow the child to live in a clean and protective environment which is the basic right of all human beings.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it dangerous to publish details of these social workers? Surely the rational amongst us must see that there is a need for some kind of child protection even if there are a few bad eggs. unfortunately there are far more bad parents.
You ask for accountability but who will be accountable when the dangerous peadophiles and psychopaths seek revenge or when a baby P' type tragedy happens again due to the lack of good social workers that invariably you will drive out or worse.

Anonymous said...

Anon in Notts

Maxine Rose. threats of care order.
lies about threshold meeting IN LONDON to scare me senseless.I find out she lied, we live in Notts Threatens me all the time in earshot of my kids.REMOVAL, REMOVAL REMOVAL.She promised to get me help. LIAR. Kids overhear everything. Very agitated after she leaves everytime. Care order.

Steve Parker sees us maybe three times, decides definatley care order.Twists words to make it seem like we really disgusting. Lies to our face in core group meetings in front of everybody.
Valerie Cresswell the top dog of a certain ss office, tells my best friend Im an unfit mother, thats why my are sons in care. This woman has never met me ever. Of course my best friend put her straight.Made her say sorry. But thats not the point. This bitch was there boss there. See what im saying here. Val Cresswell, you never even met me. How dare you say these things.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous posting saying that the Camilla Cavendish article "family ruined" is completely incorrect, is so obviously a social services plant it's laughable - this post is outright misdirection and fabrication from start to finish. Kent SS or their stooges seem to be stooping to even lower tactics than usual.

Anonymous said...

The county councillor in the (camilla cavendish article which is an accutate account of what really happened)The comments that some horrible legal/social worker/ceo has obviously written about her and her family are completely false. These people will stoop to a level lower than a sewer rat. Many councillor's both borough & county have been abused by the corrupt system and are speaking out about this wicked abuse by the social services and legal teams.

Anonymous said...

For the social worker who is worried about exposing the bad because it might upset the good, has it completely wrong .

Abuse of all kinds is committed from within the sick unregulated so-called 'care' system

Good workers have already left, driven out by the corrupt ones who bully their own staff; ask any ex social worker, they will tell you, and are so sicken that we are whistle- blowing to the media.

We more than any, know who you are and where you live and who is protecting you.

Anonymous said...

There are virtually no good social workers left, any that are should be named as good on here.

Most are rotten to the very core and sub-human, along with the pedophile judges, in fact all the sub-species that think they pass a human; more- like human excrement !

Anonymous said...

Please post any evidence you may have on Yolande Lindridge, so we can be sure it is not just another sicko SS worker, trying to mislead as they have done with others.

This site has obviously got them very worried to attack so many people, who are speaking out and telling the world about the corruption within.

Anonymous said...

Look at this , how disgusting, no wonder no family can win .

In 2007,local authorities in England applied for 8,173 care orders. 7,624 orders were made. 336 applications were withdrawn, 290 "no orders" decisions and 21 orders were refused.

In other words, the judgement of the social workers working for the council was so good, they were only refused by the judge 21 times (0.27%)

More importantly 93% of the time the judge merely rubber-stamped the care orders.

Anonymous said...

UK Social Services child abuse of Joseph De Ridder. Social Services removed Joseph De Ridder from his loving home.

This video was removed from utube because it showed and named UK SS, and had proof of an SS worker (woman)biting a disabled child on the face, on the way to hospital , in order to blame the mother.

He named and shamed the lot; keep posting guys, they don't like exposure and is the only way to stop these evil creatures that hide.

Anonymous said...

Anybody have an up-date on the case in RCJ Strand, where a guardian and council solicitor were taken to high court before judge Sir Mark Potter (president) , by the parent?

Anonymous said...

The posting at 4:21 PM is definitely an SS plant. I have known the woman in question for many years and she is well known in the village. She is certainly not "deeply emotionally disturbed" and is one of the nicest, caring people I have ever known. She is also certainly not a "failed accountant" as she ran her own business from home which is how I met her, as well as a DIY livery yard at her small holding. Her only crime was to marry the wrong person, and ask for social services help when trying to get her divorce finalised. I personally believe that the SS targeted her son as he is a lovely, well mannered, well educated, and bright boy who they could get adopted easily to meet their adoption targets. Everything was going fine until the experienced social worker was replaced with a trainee, Amanda Waving, who seems to be totally off her trolley! What sort of psychological tests do these social workers have to pass to make sure they are fit for the job? It is obvious that this one enjoys tormenting and emotionally torturing young children. He is not alone in running away from the SS, back to his Mum. Hundreds of children do it every year. Doesn’t that tell the courts that they are making mistakes in granting these care orders? This woman is protecting her son in the only way left to her, and I hope they can return to this country again some day. Good luck to them all.

Anonymous said...

The USA have the same child trafficking problem

but some know how to literally take the shirts off the backs of these corrupt officials, including the Judges.

There are private remedies out there that strip them of everything, they dont like the fallout but are too stupid to understand until its to late.

We need to wise up and learn these remedies, you cannot win the conventional way only in extreme cases, we need to start tipping the odds. The courts are equity courts run for profit ONLY.

Anonymous said...

Child abuse and child trafficking within the corrupt system including the familys courts is rife. with so-called independent child protection reviews carried out by CEO Peter Gilroy psychiatric/social worker(highest paid in the country) and social worker pals .employed by Kent County Council, all condoned by the councillors. #followup

(check out the very last comment, it looks like they even steal their own councillors grandchildren; bet there was more than one councillor this has happen to)

Rolling Eyes

Wilson, A

21 August 2009

Dear Michelle Hunt,

Thank your for your email.

Please supply the Council resolution to which you refer.

Please, also state the exact time Peter Thomason left as an
employee and all positions held, please state if he is a chairman
and/or sits on any boards connected with Kent County Council.

All positions held by Martyn Ayre, both previous and currently
within Kent County Council.

Is it correct that all 3 public servants come from social worker
backgrounds and have also worked with each other either in the past
or present?

Are the Public realistically expected to believe this review in any
shape or form could be considered independent; were the
requirements that it is supposed to be an Independent?

One could successfully argue that it runs along the lines of, the
Police , policing themselves or Kent County Council patting
themselves on the back.

Could you therefore also name the Councillor in charge of this
department/ review and supply their qualifications ; who is
ultimately responsible for children in their capacity as a
corporate parent ( all councillors are)and direct this request to
them personally for their comment and attention.

In particular, if they have had any complaints either verbally or
written in connection with this review, and by any councillor who
has had their grandchildren removed by Kent County Council.

with thanks

Yours faithfully,

Wilson, A

If the councillors can not protect their own children from their own councils, what chance does any child have?

Anonymous said...

Wilson, A

21 August 2009

Dear Michelle Hunt,

Thank you for confirming that Kent County Council create "fantasy
birth parents in Closed Adoptions" as I am sure you are aware,
these occur in Closed Family Courts, hidden from the Public's gaze.

Please supply the section of East Kent Concurrency Team's policy
which states this service was to be provided for pre-birth
/babies/very young children aged under 2.

Which Government directive this was taken from; as this does not
appear in-line with Government Policy for OLDER children
languishing in 'care'

It is interesting to note that only 2 children were returned to
their parents in 2008, can you please explain why this figure is so
low,and if this is a reflection of current and previous yearly

Yours faithfully,

Wilson, A

Wilson, A

Anonymous said...

Kent County Councils CEO Peter Gilroy conveniently forgot mention to Ed Balls or it appears any other party, that he had written to Lord Laming regarding;( 2008 children protection review, which was carried out in-house, hardly independent , by CEO & pals/associate )

'offering to write a piece for the Conservative Party'

(apparently he has also written articles for the Guardian Newspaper ,)

Is it really any wonder that children are being abused in care / child trafficking or that this can so easily can be covered-up. If internal reviews are completed by the same people that run the systems, whilst CEO are also on first name terms with the Lord Laming carrying out the inquiry in Baby Peter case.

Looks more like a case of I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine !!!

Carel, of the Caine family, rightful mother of Lia Nicole Caine said...

Please look into COMMON LAW, and know your rights. Do not register your baby's birth, even with the threats and fines...because if you do, you are in effect handing ownership of your flesh and blood to the state, giving them power to take your baby away. Invest in 'BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY 8TH EDITION, (9TH NOT YET AVAIL) Look up Rob Menard (he had his own baby took off him) and the Freeman movement and look on and ask for advice - they will help you ascertain your human rights and jurisdictions and how to handle the courts and judges without the phoney and useless solicitors.

We have the power, we just need to get over these pricks.

I wish I knew back then what I do now...

do not 'consent' to anything, but 'conditionally accept' certain terms to whatever you feel fit. This is acting in 'honour' and seems to be a good way to go. Also, do not let the SS 'trespass' into your house. You are your own authority only second to God (no court can trump this with their statute laws)

statute laws,acts etc are only rules given the enforcement of law, if the governed (me & you) NOT CONSENT

that is fact.

Good luck, my prayers are with you all going through this insidious evil.

See, Peter Davison, Satan Worker of Stockton-n-Tees Satanical Services, I told you I would not be gagged.

Justice will come to us all. Be strong

Ahimsa... xxxx

Anonymous said...

Another baby taken from a mother in Plymouth by the corupt SS and common purpose council plymouth city council.
The dirty old men in the freemasons, Judges Tyzack, vinnent, the cow robertsure, moon, tromans, they are in on it agian. they are all up to their necks in Plymouth.
Judge Gilbert is corrupt, taylor was a dirty old man, they all like rent boys or ladys of the night.
The police are part of the brother-hood of evil.

Anonymous said...

The 9th addition of Blacks Law is out now; Kent County Council the Corporation it is your turn - watch out revenge is about and its coming your way

Good luck with the BBC interview , not sure what we mean you will soon

Anonymous said...

House of Lords - Down Lisburn Health and Social Services Trust. Baroness Hale of Richmond. Judgement

34. There is, so far as the parties to this case are aware, no European jurisprudence questioning the principle of freeing for adoption, or indeed compulsory adoption generally. The United Kingdom is unusual amongst members of the Council of Europe in permitting the total severance of family ties without parental consent. (Professor Triseliotis thought that only Portugal and perhaps one other European country allowed this.) It is, of course, the most draconian interference with family life possible.

Although kinship placements are supposed to be the preferred option in this country, only 1 per cent. of social worker-instigated placements ended up with kinship carers, compared with 45 per cent. in Denmark, for example(EVIDENCE given in parliament June 16th 2008 by Tim Loughton MP shadow minister for children)

Anonymous said...

this brave lady has written a book about the abuse she suffered at the hands of so-called professionals
in a 'care' home in Gravesend in Kent

drugged ,abused, raped

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please confirm how Kent County Council clarifies/justifies using an
apparently arms length service known as a family group conferencing
service, which is supposed to operate mandatory policy, for all
children to have a family group meeting to see if any family
members are available to care for them, before being are taken into
care ; unfortunately this is not always the case and this is not
carried out in numerous cases.(Families are simply being by-passed,
although this is not Lawful and amounts to Lawful kidnap.)

Mr Perolls, Ian Norman SWANLEY E/1012352 Registered Social Worker ,
works for the family group conference service as a co-ordinator in
Kent. (Paid for by KCC.)

Has he ever worked directly for Kent County Council as a social
worker, prior to working for FGC service?

Please confirm if he has ever worked with the current childrens
social services manager Susan Webb , and/or severally with Ann
Wilson team manager and social worker (Denzil) Forde Ferguson
(Gravesend Team.) Please confirm that these are their current
positions and supply their social Care Registration numbers,
alongside their history of employment within Kent County Council.

(Mr Perolls is known to have worked with Amanda Barden whilst
acting as a children guardian, who attended as a replacement for
Ann Wilson one occasion during a FGC meeting )

It is imperative that KCC can show that it operates in an above
board and truly independent fashion rather than a closed shop.

Yours faithfully,

Susan Web


Anonymous said...

West Sussex County Tory Councillor Janet Mockridge has had her grandson stolen by Tory run Kent County Council.

Maidstone Borough ex Tory Councillor
Sheena Williams has had her 4 granddaughters stolen by Kent County Council.

The Tory's must be desperate if they can steal from their own, what a pay back for joining their party. More like a kiss of death.

Greg L-W. said...


Our thanks must go to both Christopher Booker who wrote of this on page 37 of his 1994 book written with Dr. Richard North 'The Mad Officials' which drew its title from a story by G.K. Chesterton before WWI about a British Court abusing parents and children - Just because they could!

Our thanks to The Sunday Telegraph for publishing Christopher Booker's article at:

This family is far from alone as you will find at:

which offers help to others with the same plight at:

If you can help or need help this is the place for self help and those who care!

Thanks again to Christopher, Richard & The Sunday Telegraph - these people being abused by the state deserve all the help we can give them.

Greg L-W.

Anonymous said...

Maria Hall

Puts a hand in your face if you have something to say, very malicious she is in her forties wears really short skirts the size of a belt and looks like she is taking drugs. Extremely aggressive, she lost lots of information to support our case, listened to other people's lies and slanderous allegations but not what we had to say, evil hard and stone faced with an evil smile she works for Caerphilly social services but may have since moved to work in Bargoed area, made us believe we were failing as parents when our child actually had underlying health condition, nearly tore our family apart but in the end she skulked away because she failed in front of medical evidence that kept on supporting us (that our child had an underlying health condition) always showing off about the perks of the job cars etc and laden in really expensive jewellery shame on all of you social workers, when you get it so terribly wrong all of you just say ''lessons have been learned'' pathetic.

Anonymous said...

There might be poor systems behind the frustrations you seem to all have but it would be very rare if it was the actual social worker's fault. On the whole, they are in the job to protect and support the most vulnerable people in our society (they cetainly don't do the job for the pay or the amount of stress!!!), yet, they are under constant attack by people who have their own agendas.

THINK FOR YOURSELVES rather than getting on the hate bandwagon - it is too easy.

Anonymous said...

What absolute crap workers dont have a gun to their head when they lie and commit perjury along with cafcass guardian (all ex-social workers0 in court, instead they receive a big fat bonus and pay cheque for stealing other peoples children.

virtually all the good SS workers have left, because they can not stand all the lies and deceit

the secret family courts are kept that way for the protection of the SS, cafcass, judges, so-called expert lairs, who are making money out of child trafficking .SHAME ALL YOU ALL

Anonymous said...

Joseph De Ridder this video was taken down by the SS on utube, because it proved that the SS worker had bitten this disabled boy on the way to hospital,...wait for it the Judge still left him in care.

He had originally been abused on the school bus on the way to school and the parents had dared to complain

The UK family courts are corrupt to the core, as is cafcass/coram and the councils take allow this to happen.

Anonymous said...

we need to get these case's in to the criminal court at the Hague crimes against humanity. we must light a fire of truth build all your evidence, taking babies from mothers for monies forced adoption all basis on the lies, deceptions, fraud, corruption, greed, threats of the SS &|CO

Anonymous said...

listen to Michael Grady

Hague Convention its not just cafcass/social services that can be being held accountable, its governments

Anonymous said...

Well done to Jolly, fathers for justice, to bring up on BBC five live about the corruption with the family courts and the SS, Where but Plymouth

Who Judge Tyzack QC, he lies to the police about having a gun, he is a wicked and evil man.

working on stealing babies from mothers with Plymouth SS. GOD HAVE MERCY ON HIM

Anonymous said...

Has everyone seen this???Who is this Judge? another one trying to make amends before he croaks, bit late for that.

Anonymous said...

Statutory Adoption Pay

this is really gross, no wonder they are queuing up for stolen children

Anonymous said...

MEDWAY COUNTY FAMILY COURT 7th- 15th September 2009

Ex-Tory Councillor grandchildren Elle-May ,Ruby, Lacey, Poppy Williams-Piper being stolen for forced adoption by Kent County Council(Tory run)

Everyone welcome,ring side seats available for the press, come meet your local SS workers, not to be missed ,why not make it a regular event!

Anonymous said...


Absolutely astonished by what I have read here... Hoping everyone gets the justice they deserve against the odious, corrupt vermin who have taken their children...

Just wanted to mention that on the front page of the blog, you suggest people can obtain their records under Freedom of Information legislation.

Unfortunately, anyone who made a request for 'their own' or 'their child's' data/records/files would be refused as 'personal data' is absolutely exempt under Section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act.

You can use FOI for documents, policies, statistics and in fact pretty much anything that is not 'personal data' from social services.

Just don't want to see people having to be turned down when they ask.

Making a request under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act is the way to go!

Best wishes all!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear Jolly father for justice on rodio five live last thurdsay, he talked about the corrupt courts, Plymouth, court welfare offices.............

Judge Overend and Judge Tyzack where in the S..T togther.In Plymouth. Up to their necks with corruption and fraud.

They have taken 6 babies of one mother, all basis on lies by the wicked social services in Plymouth and common purpose agenda.Tyzack behind it.

Why nothing is done about the corruption by the government.

We need to take these cases to the Hague, criminal court, crimes against humanity on mass.

The state is stealing and selling our children. And the SS tell lies in court and on reports, nothing is done about them.

Do not react no violence, although you should be able to protect your selves. They will only bring in another law.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone find out how much money the chief executive for Barnardo's is on.

Barnardo's had a duty of care under the law and they have failed like all the agencies.

We now witness spin, babies should be taken at birth, it the sort of thing you read in the bible, when they where trying to find Jesus and kill a new born baby, these people are sick and we need to stop them.

Barnardo's must be common purpose, the public give them money, if only public knew what was going.

They are out of order big time. All mums need a bit of support with a new baby. All family have their own set of values, not the valves of the police state that we are now living in, by new labour and the other bastards.

Find out address and e-mails, we can start writing on this one.

Anonymous said...

we now see Ian duncam smith moving in on the spin, they are choosing who can have children.

We know the police state are stealing children for money breaking up the blood lines, breaking up families, breaking up society.

What has the executive of Barnardo's got to do with the rest of us. How much is he paid.
We all need to write to him .

Does anyone have the dirt on Julie williams cafcass in Plymouth, she tell lies in reports to the corrupt courts in Plymouth, about parents.
I think a lot of these people are sub human, they have no feelings for others, they are sick, what the hell are they doing working with the public. Williams is a very nasty cow, happy stealing babies of mothers, all basis on her fraud and deceptions.

Why has browean lacey been allowed to say in charge of the SS in Plymouth, the cheif executive of Plymouth city council, Barry Keel is up to his neck in it, they are
part of the common purpose agenda, breaking up families in HAM WARD stealing houses to sell to the developers and the corrupt solicitors foot and nasty.

Ashford solicitors are working for plymouth and the government, their is a bias, and a conflict of interests.

All the firms of solicitors in Plymouth and the south west of the UK are corrupt, they cover for each other when it goes wrong the freemasons are part of the problem.
Level 9 Judge, J Griggs it time to get the press in to these courts and report on this shit. A lot of the the public are still unware of what going on.

Anonymous said...

barrister Carol Mashembo King Bench chambers, north hill, plymouth.

Works against parents with plymouth city council, SS, and Nicky cussens solicitor from foot nasty.

Mashembo loves her's self, the rest of the world is below her. She is not so hot on the law as she think she is. A lot of these barrister's are acting with the judges in the corrupt court in plymouth, you can not get a fair hering in Plymouth, the freemasons run the show.

Judge Overend was up to his neck in corruption with DJ Moon, Tailor he might be dead, Tyzack, Gilbert, Tromans, these are just a few of the brothers in arms working against, justice, right, and truth.

Any bad one's report them tot eh master of the rolls, the law society is c/p we now have the ISA.

These people like the SS and the council think they can do what ever they like, their time is coming

Anonymous said...

What has happen to Great Britain to allow such atrocities to happen.

Why are relatives thrown out of family court for refusing to agree to opinion based corruption and refusing their so-called assessments.

Judges have no right in Law to make demands of relatives,they are simply ignoring the Law and removing anybody who dares to get in the way of the corrupt councils legal team.

Unfortunately the courts/judges are all on the payrol (although judges dont pay any income tax - because they are the trustees of the state)

Children are owned by the Crown/State , parents only have use of/care of their own flesh and blood, relatives grandparents/have no rights, and the sick cafcass/ss workers that great delight in telling them.

We live in a Lawless society that is over run with common purpose graduates, and masonic run courts.

Anonymous said...

Another Tory CON artist jumping on the bandwagon when this masonic scum give up

Anonymous said...

Every family has it own set of valves and is unigue.

Barnardo' have been in trouble for abusing children in their care. They are greedy for public money, the same smoke screen as the NSPCC.
Child protection means child abuse, the freemansons are behind a lot of the child stealing/abuse.

After baby Peter death they will use any spin v the media, that they can get their hands on.

So they can get away with stealing children, by the state, in the corrupt family court. Under a false name

Anonymous said...

Bewared Mrs S Desouza solicitor from Clark Levy & co Gravesend in Kent,is corrupt and in the pockets of Kent County Council

Steer clear she used to be on the PAIN list, but no more

stay away if you want to keep your children

Anonymous said...

These horrible little slugs , want putting out of their misery, with a large dose of salt

Because anyone with half a brain knows they are all control freaks, and why do they always look like they have been hit with the ugly stick

Most of them are barren for good reason

Anonymous said...

Curtis solictors, M Becker, fraud.
dirty tricks solicitors. Do not go near them. R.N.

Jackie Ashley solicitor tell on clients, bully and lier

stay aawy from this firm, corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the name & address of judge polden, who works out of medway family county court in kent, also known to operate on occasion in royal courts of justice , not bad for someone whose only been operating a couple of year....all failed barristers

he also ensures barren barden, also known as slapper amanda is to be appointed as a guardian who also worked for kent county council as a social worker

have her car number and all other the scumbags, also part of her address ,especially hubbie

anymore details on this pair welcome

Anonymous said...

how's the case with Jade Williams 3 daughters this week in Medway Family court with judge Polden,

Elle-may 6, Ruby 5,Lacey 3, Poppy 2

always after the young ones, sic fuckers

have the bastards managed to bully her into signing them over yet? normal trick

did the grandma councillor give her story to the press yet ?

they are like a dog with a bone , but every dog has its day

we are all thinking of you and your girls, just remember their are thousands of us all speaking out and they will look like the childsnatchers & robbers they are if their grandma isnt good enough, then no one is??

Anonymous said...

counciler fry done for downloading child porn

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maidstone councillor Peter Hooper downloaded child porn on his council computor, got anyway with it

Anonymous said...

judge polden...scroll to the bottom, second on the right

nothing honorable about this judge who is kent family law judge since 1st September 2008

he previously worked in kent firm of solicitors for years CONFLICT OF INTEREST

should say child snatcher of the year, he should be hiding not smiling

Anonymous said...

judge polden refuses a interview..could it be he knows exactly what is going on within kent family courts?

Anonymous said...

looks like the apple never falls far from the tree

Louise Polden (judge polden daughter)??

Anonymous said...

this is common practise Lesley Hughes from Cafcass in Stafford used to be an assistant manager for Staffordshire Local Authority.Four of us mothers have had her appointed to our children 3 of us lost our children and the others child was forced to have contact with his rapist father against his wishes.

Anonymous said...

Elle-May Williams-Piper d.o.b. 22.9.2002

Ruby Williams-Piper d.o.b. 21.1.2004

Lacey Williams-Piper d.o.b. 23.5.2006

Poppy Williams-Piper d.o.b. 2.6.2007

GRO hold birth certificate records which you can search until these are removed and another created as if they were born to different people.

Anonymous said...

Hyde Park school in plymouth cover up over bullying to protect head teachers monies, Grace Chattening social worker, thretern all the parents who dare to stand up over the abuse to children with special needs.

Education dept did nothing, because Cllr Jones was on the Education comittee run by labour and tudor evans, who was had been in prison for fraud, but was a leader of plymouth city council.

All CP and the anti christ spirit

Anonymous said...

In Plymouth they allowed Woodman or Joe as he likes to be called, to work at Plymouth mind with his back ground of volience's and mental health abuse to others.

No one has ever done a police check on him,and gone in to his back ground, from Plymouth city council. I know as worked for them but left it as it was so corrupt.

Dr's and GPs have made their views known in reports about him?

Big cover up, I was working for Plymouth mind as a mental health social worker at the time on placement and found him to be a lier and bully.

I feel sorry for his wife.

Anonymous said...

Liverpool SS corrupt, corrupt judges, Alderhay children hospital
mental heath dept.

Anonymous said...

What going on is the fact, that the fremasons are behind protecting, Social worker's, solicitors, barristers, judges, and police.
Some one needs to get the truth out about Judge Overend and his wickedness.

In the USA the judges are removed but on in the uk, Why not.

The south west of england is full of corruption by the freemasons.

public money spent on common purpose, Plymouth mind, by the way is is a front.

Anonymous said...

What is going on in the uk is Treason, subversion and deceit at work with common purpose. EU plan subversion, part of that agenda is breaking up the family unit.

In plymouths corrupt council we have David Shepperd head of the illegal services. He is full of shit, working with the spirit of deception and the anti christ, on the bench, with barry keel cheif exective of PCC, never voted in by the people of plymouth, by the way

The council has two accounts, one for the public and one for the greedy council. we do not know were money has gone. IT CORRUPT AS HELL.

The standards of administration is weak and understanding of the law id worse, even in the high in london, which is also corrupt. They are shocked by the sub standards of plymouth illegal services.

These people are stealing children for profit, and abuse by dirty old judges sitting in Plymouth county court and the rest of the south west,freemasons gang and the police

What happened to judge Wildblood QC was he to take place of the evil judge Tyzack QC. who took 6 babies of one mother all basis on the lies deception, fraud, and hearsay of Plymouth city councils corrupt social workers. Browean Lacey dept, common purpose.

Anonymous said...

Carol Mashembo, north hill, chambers,Plymouth, barrister. Thinks a lot of her self was working with the corrupt nicky cussens for foot nasty solicitors in Plymouth, it would appear that Nicky cussens, solicitor from Foot nasty has left, do we know why.

Carol Mashembo and Co supporting false claims with deception, fraud, and stealing of children from grand parents and others, told off by senior Barrister and judge for acting out side of the law. Never so low to below a solicitor or barrister.

These people do not appear to have any morals, they take on caes regardless of the suffering to others. They think they are above the law.

Notice: law society dinners they are all sleeping with each other's husband and wifes.

Stay away from Jackie Ashley solicitors, all the firms of solictors in the south west and plymouth is the worse are corrupt.

Anonymous said...

check this site out about Plymouth county court.
justice reply to judge griggs.aspx

you can find it

Anonymous said...

Check out Tracy Allison Plymouth, SS and Bea Belgrave common purpose agenda. "every family we must break up"

Its not about every child matters, but about meeting targets, we are paying social workers £40.00 a hour for their illegal actions against humanity, in the big cover up of lies, deception, hearsay fraud and stealing of children for abuse and mind control.

In the corrupt and greedy family court in Plymouth.

This is going on all over the uk and even on an internatinal level,
what behind it but the freemasons and the anti jesus christ spirit on the bench.

people who turn away from the truth, their own sins will condemn them.

These people think that they will get away with the evil that they are doing to others.

Anonymous said...

Parents arrested on section 5, part of the terrorism act, and section 41, of the act, as been said, enables a constrable to arrest with out a warrent.

They do not like litigants in persons acting for them selves because it take away money from the greedy solicitors.

Julie williams Cafcass Plymouth, over ten years ago the court welfare officers were seen to be corrupt, check connor densison has they are both spy's for the SS in the south west of england,

Both of them write lies in reports and work with your corrupt solicitors from hell, in the family courts.

Julie Williams is evil, steals babies

Anonymous said...

Cafcass still failing children after 9 years, Anthory Douglas is called to account by Judge 29th of May 2009, times on line.

Who is paying anthory Douglas and why does the complaint system fails the parents, and Cafcass fails the children, what is the point of this set up, spys for the state. Nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

Neath port Talbot wales, another Barrister, Miss Sutton, acting for the corrupt council, is guilty of contempt of court and perverting the course of justice with false evidence. All in Judge Seys LIewellyn court. This judge was happy to allow this to go on in front of 13 witness.

No pick up order to take a child away from its family. A ten year old girl was screaming in a hospital bed, her family were held at gun point by the police, with social workers in waiting from the UK. With a false passport with a false name, from high up in the government.

They want to keep the truth under wraps................

This sound like Plymouth or liverpool or kent, you can not make this stuff up, it is real.

The child has been condition ever seen by mind control and drugs, to over up the abuse in the local hospital, by the corrupt doctors, treating a child unlawfully.

Social workers, are still working in wales.

No one has ever, "yet" been taken to task over this wickedness and evil to a family.

Anonymous said...

Wales social services are corrupt as hell, the young child is now a women of 22/3 years and has never seen her family since. the Social worker in court told lies and the judge was trying to lead him to meet the needs of the barrister Miss Sutton she was rubblish. Miss Sutton kept trying to say a from from the UK was a pick up order.

over the years the family have asked to see the pick up order and social services never had one. the young child was taken unlawfully with out the parent/s consent, at gun point.

This case should go to the Hague, crimes against humanity. the freemasons and the government in wales do not want this case to come out in to the open.

Anonymous said...

check out cornwall social services ken phillips, nasty man. These social worker's have been telling people that they have sectioning Mums under the mental health act, so that they can take their babies off them to meet adoption targets.

Big money. Cheif Exectiue has been trying to cover this up. they pick on working class people, people who have lost their jobs.

Judge Vincent likes rent boys and sit in the main court in cornwall/family court, friends with Judge Tyzack and Julie williams from Cafcass from plymouth, she is also in to stealing babies and telling lies in reports to the court but nothing is done about her.

Anonymous said...

complaints made about Mr C DENNISON
Devon Probation services now cafcass, he isnt quite right, bias, lies, make false claims in reports to the courts, works with the SS and Julie williams. Seen him talking to the police. regarding setting young people up.

Must be part of the brotherhood of the south west. genera; social Social care council have done nothing about him.

I think we should all right a book on the injustice of the family courts and the SS.

Anonymous said...


Ros Draper was working in Cardiff a social worker mental health. Worked for the Tavistock clinic. she claimed to have been registered with the UKCP, but not the case.

Her work is bias, she is a lier, and spiteful in front of mothers and their chilren, TRYING TO GET A REACTION.

In to control and Mind shit works with the courts and the SS. Do not have any dealings with her what so ever. She charges £60/100 a hour for her services. All her reports ahve been bias.

Someone need to look in to her chilhood. Dark

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Stealing of babies, basis on false accusations, emotinal abuse, and slander, by social workers, anyone who dares to speaks out, they try and say you have mental health problems. Classic

Anonymous said...

Child abduction in wales social services, false passport, flase name, miss Sutton barrister protecting social services and the corrupt legal services, Neath port talbat, wales.

They think they ae going to get away with child kidnapping, no pick up order, false passport, false name. This is wicked and evil.

Zoompad said...

Leslie Hughes, Stafford, who, along with Joanna Simpson Blake, Murray Cantlay, Anthony Cleary, Indie Thind, Jane Buckley and Lisa Haughton, plotted against me, using secret meetings, CIA psychological torture techniques, to try to force my son to visit the man who had raped me, even if that meant 1) throwing me in prison or 2) getting me certified insane (by driving me over the egde of reason).

These people are all the BIGGEST EVIL SADISTIC VILE RATBAGS I have ever been unfortunate to meet.

Zoompad said...

And the decrepit old ratbag who answers to the name of Joanna Simpson Blake had the nerve to try to make out that I was a terrible mother because of the way I dress, in her "experts" report (for which muggings aka the British tax payer coughed up an extraordinary large amount of cash to this greedy, grasping, sneaky, verminous, smelly ugly old witch!

Yes, it DOES feel better to out these vermin!

Anonymous said...

Joanne Smith - Camden - salivates at the word paedophile and spreads that word around like its going out of fashion

Emmanuel Freeman - Camden - loves to threaten children and tell them they are about to be taken away.

Norris Branch - Camden - likes to tell people I hate black men.

May Beeston - Camden - wicked violent bitch.

Carole Marshall - Camden - wicked violent bitch

Womens Aid - loves to tell women to hate all men, leave your children to have a dirty weekend away with any man that pays for it. Chantelle - loves to tell women that they are ugly, that they deserve their beatings, that their children should be taken away, loves to tell Camden Social Services anything they want to hear.

Anonymous said...

social worker niky rawlingson (nicola) as she is sometimes reffered to introduced herself as a new social worker to my severley autistic daughter, She lied in her reports saying i refused to mow my lawn and said i had no emotional bond with my daughter based on just a one hour visit. She never new my daughters complex behaviours or moods and wrote this emotional thing down as a issue of neglect...I wouldn't mind but my daughter was eating her breakfast at the time in her special needs feeding chair and if she didn't want to be in there she would have come out of it herself...This social worker was new and based on just one hour said i had no bond just because i never spoken to my daughter...what a nasty cow this woman was, when my daughter was happy and in a world of her own eating her food why would i want to distract this social worker was new i was just focussing on the questions from her really and taking advantage of my daughters more quieter my daughter is quite hyperactive sometimes and bites ect i find that not talking to her was the best thing as it would have upset the balance...she was a lying cow in reports as she also wrote i refused to mow and pay anyone to mow my lawn....i have always mowed it even if sometimes it has taken me a week or 2 longer a single mum with no help and its hard mowing big lawns with a child who constantly runs off...i wouldn't have minded but i mow the damn thing once a fortnight anyway...Her manager jamie pope who also is a evil cold nasty man was on a night out with his colleague last year trying to tell all who would listen in a smoking area of a nightclub that i neglected my child...He was mocking my childs special walking boots, mocking her teeth as they have grown abit crooked, saying really nasty things that were pure evil...What annoys me is ppl have respect for these civil servants and when it comes down to it they shouldn't have their jobs, especially when taking the pee out of my childs skin conditions (vitiligo) ect and misconducting themselves. He and she are both disgraces to their proffesions and when a child is severe autistic it is a well known fact that they often refuse to eat much... my daughter is quite thin and he was just being a nob going around a nightclub telling ppl i dont feed her..i hope they rot inh hell and die thge sick evil individuals. These ppl work for flintshire childrens intergrated disability service and need to be removed.

Anonymous said...

flintshire chidren's intergrated disability service
jamie pope evil sick man who misconducts himself
niky rawlinson..lies and bullies

My daughter has never been in care or on a protection list, She is severely autistic and these 2 individuals are scum

they write neglect issues if my daughters weight fluctuates even tho dieticians involved have said her weight is above other children on weight graphs for a girl of her age.

The write neglect issue regarding a emotional bond when the social worker only knew us for one hour and my daughter was happily eating her food in the kitchen..just because i never spokien to her for 1 hour they go and cause a trail of destruction in their chronologies/reports.
i was bullied and victimised by these ppl ..the cow even wrote in a report that i refused to mow my lawn and it remains cluttered and a mess, even tho i mow it every 2 weeks she tried her up most best from the offset to make me look like a inadequate mother...
They were also on the same night out last yr and when i told them exactly what i thought of them in a smoking area they were misconducting themselves saying to ppl that i neglected my child.
the pair of them are a disgrace to their proffesion and jamie pope social worker/senior practitioner was also taking the mick out of the fact my daughter wears special walking boots, he was saying numerous nasty things that night regarding her skin condion vitiligo and was the most evilest thing i have ever seen.
at the time he was laurens manager and he never exploained that unless i had a team in my house for her diet problems then he would write her eating habits down as neglect issues... my daughter and any other child with autism on a severe spectrum will most definately have eating problems in their lives as many kids dont eat much like lauren...he failed to explain procedures to me and failed to explain that unless i accepted a service called f.a.s.t then it would be wrote down as neglect...since then i have sorted all this crap up and things are fine and luckily the new manager had the decency to explain things to me...this man and this stupid woman have stressed me out for well over a yr very nastily and have no remorse... there is proof from loads of ppl involved in my daughter both from family members and the medical proffesion to suggest lauren has a amazing bond with me and that her problems with her diet will probably never change as autism is something that cannot be cured...these sick bastards have no respect for disabled children or their families and they need to be destroyed

Anonymous said...

flintshire chidren's intergrated disability service
jamie pope evil sick man who misconducts himself
niky rawlinson..lies and bullies

My daughter has never been in care or on a protection list, She is severely autistic and these 2 individuals are scum

they write neglect issues if my daughters weight fluctuates even tho dieticians involved have said her weight is above other children on weight graphs for a girl of her age.

The write neglect issue regarding a emotional bond when the social worker only knew us for one hour and my daughter was happily eating her food in the kitchen..just because i never spokien to her for 1 hour they go and cause a trail of destruction in their chronologies/reports.
i was bullied and victimised by these ppl ..the cow even wrote in a report that i refused to mow my lawn and it remains cluttered and a mess, even tho i mow it every 2 weeks she tried her up most best from the offset to make me look like a inadequate mother...
They were also on the same night out last yr and when i told them exactly what i thought of them in a smoking area they were misconducting themselves saying to ppl that i neglected my child.
the pair of them are a disgrace to their proffesion and jamie pope social worker/senior practitioner was also taking the mick out of the fact my daughter wears special walking boots, he was saying numerous nasty things that night regarding her skin condion vitiligo and was the most evilest thing i have ever seen.
at the time he was laurens manager and he never exploained that unless i had a team in my house for her diet problems then he would write her eating habits down as neglect issues... my daughter and any other child with autism on a severe spectrum will most definately have eating problems in their lives as many kids dont eat much like lauren...he failed to explain procedures to me and failed to explain that unless i accepted a service called f.a.s.t then it would be wrote down as neglect...since then i have sorted all this crap up and things are fine and luckily the new manager had the decency to explain things to me...this man and this stupid woman have stressed me out for well over a yr very nastily and have no remorse... there is proof from loads of ppl involved in my daughter both from family members and the medical proffesion to suggest lauren has a amazing bond with me and that her problems with her diet will probably never change as autism is something that cannot be cured...these sick bastards have no respect for disabled children or their families and they need to be destroyed

Anonymous said...

flintshire chidren's intergrated disability service
jamie pope evil sick man who misconducts himself
niky rawlinson..lies and bullies

My daughter has never been in care or on a protection list, She is severely autistic and these 2 individuals are scum

they write neglect issues if my daughters weight fluctuates even tho dieticians involved have said her weight is above other children on weight graphs for a girl of her age.

They write neglect issue regarding a emotional bond when the social worker only knew us for one hour and my daughter was happily eating her food in the kitchen..just because i never spokien to her for 1 hour they go and cause a trail of destruction in their chronologies/reports.
i was bullied and victimised by these ppl ..the cow even wrote in a report that i refused to mow my lawn and it remains cluttered and a mess, even tho i mow it every 2 weeks she tried her up most best from the offset to make me look like a inadequate mother...
They were also on the same night out last yr and when i told them exactly what i thought of them in a smoking area they were misconducting themselves saying to ppl that i neglected my child.
the pair of them are a disgrace to their proffesion and jamie pope social worker/senior practitioner was also taking the mick out of the fact my daughter wears special walking boots, he was saying numerous nasty things that night regarding her skin condion vitiligo and was the most evilest thing i have ever seen.
at the time he was laurens manager and he never exploained that unless i had a team in my house for her diet problems then he would write her eating habits down as neglect issues... my daughter and any other child with autism on a severe spectrum will most definately have eating problems in their lives as many kids dont eat much like lauren...he failed to explain procedures to me and failed to explain that unless i accepted a service called f.a.s.t then it would be wrote down as neglect...since then i have sorted all this crap up and things are fine and luckily the new manager had the decency to explain things to me...this man and this stupid woman have stressed me out for well over a yr very nastily and have no remorse... there is proof from loads of ppl involved in my daughter both from family members and the medical proffesion to suggest lauren has a amazing bond with me and that her problems with her diet will probably never change as autism is something that cannot be cured...these sick bastards have no respect for disabled children or their families and they need to be destroyed

Anonymous said...

I would like Ray Parkinson named and shamed as a social worker, psychologist and family therapist.

He is not registered with any of the above organisations, so who is he really.??

If you are a victim of domestic violence- beware- as he uses the same tactics as abusers, namely, isolating the victim from friends and family, threatening and intimidating vulnerable victims.

It is like going from one abuser to another.

He also has all the female staff in the office well under his control. Not sure if they are aware or not- but his presence is that of predator energy.

Anonymous said...

I wish to name social workers Anne Noble and Rebecca Webster- Liverpool.

Also Valerie Lamont- solicitor, supposedly working in our best interests.

These are the social workers who placed us in care as children with an unassesed carer, a Nut case-and refused to listen to how we were being raped, drugged, tortured etc for years.

They stole us from our loving family and destroyed our lives.

My brother even wrote to the judge through his solicitor, to tell them all what was happening to us, but they never listened to us once, so we gave up.The pictures of our bodies black and blue were there for them all to see, but they did nothing.

Children cannot trust this system.

Anonymous said...

Check out the BCC bias they have aids on the radio and tv for social worker we need to stop this rubblish right away, contact Sue Reid at the daiy mail and MPs


and we know what that means.

Anonymous said...

Let face it, the government makes us poor,,then they bring in the ss to judge us as poor parents, having put us through hell, and pressur, because we can not buy house's and pay for all the Private schooling,that they have off are tax money, they then put themselves above the rest of us.

The MPs all went through to higher education on grants, they did not pay for loans and fees.

All the young people will leave in debt after 3/4 years of studies. unless your in the royal family and are able to use public tax money to pay for your daughter's to go to private school and have a year off traveling around the world on us.

The education system is watered down and the poor are given the rubblish jobs.

The SS are using the state of affairs in the uk, which have been brought about by the one world order, to creative a crisis with in the family unit.

Adults under stress, the SS do not support the family,new labour policies cause the trouble, it part of a set up. Push the public over the edge.

We have to take control, not them

Anonymous said...

Dawn Ellison Manager at Mount Gould Hospital, plymouth, stroke unit/ward.

Threat's to ill patients, who dare to make a complaint and question treatments, their failures.

Try's to say that patients have mental health issues,when they do not have any.

Then try's to make patients sign a form to see mental health expert? sounds just like the SS in Plymouth.

Dawn Ellison, so what else are they doing to your Mum amd Dad? and the rest of the family?

Did you know that if have a stroke they stop feeding the patients for 28 days, in the hope you will died.

This is cruel Dawn Ellison manager Mount Gould Hospital Plymouth, is out of order.

Write to your MPs about the 28 day rule

Anonymous said...

"how's the case with Jade Williams 3 daughters this week in Medway Family court with judge Polden,

Elle-may 6, Ruby 5,Lacey 3, Poppy 2"

I cud smell them poor kids b4 I cud see them. Abandoned to live like wild animals by there drug addled mum and vilent father. No wonder there are being taken into care - best place for em. Jade only copying what she saw from her mum though who was a prostitute and used to sell herslef 4 drug money. Don't get much busness now though as she is old and smelly.

Anonymous said...

Worried that social services might be planning to take your children away from you? This website provides excellent information on what steps you should take to avoid this ever happening -

Anonymous said...

Beware of Kingsfords Solicitors in Ashford Kent

Masonic run links to child molesters

Eric Hotson

Maidstone borough Councillor, deputy mayor, worked for Kent County Council legal department before becoming a kent cunty councillor

Eric was born in Cambridgeshire and grew up in Middlesex and started work at St Pancreas Council. He later became an Associate of institute of Legal Executives moving to Kent and joining Kingsfords in 1978 and after a short break away returned to the firm to be one of it’s longest serving members. Eric works at the firm’s Staplehurst offices specialising in conveyancing.

In his spare time he is a Borough and County Councillor and in 2010 will become Mayor of Maidstone. He has been a keen sportsman but although no longer able to participate still has a keen interest in all sports.

He is married with three daughters and is a proud grandad living and serving the community in Staplehurst.

not so proud of the child snatchers he is protecting

Anonymous said...

With reference to the idiotic comments placed by an obvious SS plant

Having known Councillor Williams and her family for many years, being also an Elected Councillor, I can assure you , as can many other Councillors from Maidstone Borough Council and beyond ,who gave her references (comprising of deputy mayor, barrister,magistrate etc)for the unfortunately corrupt family courts.

The family court made references to her excellent parenting abilities.Unfortunately the system has been corrupted by incompetent operatives who we as elected members are powerless to stop at present.

It will be down to the efforts of many brave men & women to remove the corrupted officials and restore justice and honour into the council and court system.

Many Councillors are simply to frightened of losing their seats , but many such as in Maidstone do privately back exposure of such an obviously corrputed system run by officers an NOT councillors.

Including Kent County Councillors who are also glad to be seeing the back of Mr Gilroy CEO next May and only wish this could come sooner.He really doesnt deserve to be allowed to leave in a blaze of glory.

Anonymous said...

watch out the child snatchers are about

Anonymous said...

becareful of families for justice

wolf in sheeps john hemming is just information gathering for the government on families that maybe a risk to exposing the truth about corruption within the courts and SS

offers to support mckenzies friends who he feels maybe a risk to the government, shares information with other mps.

ok for him, he is rich and could afford to pay off the SS when they came for his child by his mistress

if he really cared he would resign in protest, all mps are in this up to their necks including him.

tell families to go along with the system that he knows is corrupt

Anonymous said...

there must be a lawful reason to have these children returned to their parents,the courts need joinder to the person thats why they need the name and address to proceed in courts, most children do not know this information as they cannot speak or are old enough to supply this information, despite the fact that they may have middle names they are not even aware of, and they dont UNDERSTAND which is neccessary in order for a court to even proceeed.

there also must be witnesses on any claim of a crime being commited, any evidence is only hearsay if there was no witnessess, then no crime has been committed, and would open the accusers to liability or being charged with bearing false witness.

16 - Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and [that] the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
17 - If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which [temple] ye are.

these family courts are not even lawful, theres a vast difference between the words lawful and legal, in legal cases these are only relevant to businesses or corporations, and do not have the full power of the law. any legal action needs consent,

for over 200 years we have been slowly socially altered to believe that we do not have rights and have been losing them bit by bit. To pass laws governments need the authority of the people, they work for us, and re- present our will, inaction allows consent. check out sites like, or learn your rights and what these govmnts have been doing

Anonymous said...

retired judges are speaking out and are shocked at the state of teh family court system

Anonymous said...


Keep it up, people. We could use this as a petition!


Anonymous said...

To all the SS lovers who make threatening phone calls to people trying to time leave your number we would hate to miss your call....and look forward to meeting up with you......

Anonymous said...

taxi fast responsable for transporting children to be abused by peodiphles,ss use this firm for 90%of there transportation of children ,also includeing to be abused by higher up members of freemasion rings,139 boys transported in one year to darlition hall ,freemasion ,
julie williams likes to steel children expecally off grandparents
counciler fox downloads childporn
did any one attend the nhs meating in the guildhall,the ss had children dance a strange dance for there own entermaint
plymouth ss store and sell childrens teeth for phamricall resurch
plymouth ss courpt

Anonymous said...

Avoid the kennedy partnership solicitor Janis Clandon supposed to act in the best interests of the child would'nt know the meaning of that if it kicked her up the backside evil little witch lives with all her cats if she does'nt like you then she will take your child away from you hope she dies roaring

Anonymous said...

Nataleena Burnup sefton SS shes a liar and biased ugly bitch

Anonymous said...

Grant Lazarus barrister harrington chambers liverpool a sleazy little worm always chatting up women hangs around birkenhead pays up to 500 for a wank and still gets knocked back home address Rocky Lane Heswall

Anonymous said...

Most are corrupt and self serving selfish liars, who are more interested in what new car or home extension, new kitchens, holidays their bonuses from stealing children will pay for.

UK General Social Care Council
Posted on: 27th September 2009
A social worker convicted of obtaining property by deception and dishonestly making a false representation for gain has been struck off the Social Care Register by the General Social Care Council (GSCC) for misconduct.

Ms Julie Andrews, age 45, worked as a social worker at the time of her conviction. The GSCC committee heard details of Ms Andrews’ offences, which included the submission of false financial information to her local authority, in order to maintain the pretence that funds were being used to pay for carers when they were not. The fraud was committed over a period of two and half years and amounted to over £25,000.

Ms Andrews who was present during the conduct hearing admitted that her convictions amounted to misconduct. However, she offered mitigating reasons for her actions, some of which the committee agreed to hear in private. In the public hearing, Ms Andrews pointed to the fact that the dishonesty was unrelated to her work, that she did not target vulnerable individuals, that she had an exemplary record prior to her conviction and she offered to pay the money back.

After consideration of the allegations and Ms Andrews’s rationale for her actions, the committee decided to impose a removal order. They felt that “the high value, the high frequency and the planned nature of the dishonesty”, aggravated the nature of her misconduct. The committee also considered the protection of the public and the need to maintain confidence in social care workers as factors in reaching their decision.

GSCC Chair, Rosie Varley said “The majority of social workers are scrupulously honest and trustworthy professionals. The GSCC mandate includes promoting and maintaining high standards amongst social workers. We will take action against any social worker who does not meet the standards as laid down in the code of practice even if their action does not directly affect service users.”

The sanction has immediate effect and means that the registrant will not be able to practise as a social worker.

Anonymous said...

These make myra hindley look good

These persons, we dont want to insult women by calling them women are responsible for children being stolen in Kent, let them know what you think.

ALL Conservatives

Sarah Hohler cabinet member for children SS service.( was set-up by paul carter to fail)Sarah also wanted to get her own daughter elected but failed.

Soon to be replaced by Julie Rook standing for MP wiltshire.

Mingram Oast
Sevenoaks Kent TN157P8 01732 823347

Julie Rook stand for MP Wiltshire

2 wesleyan house
union road
Deal kent ct146e 07766950623

ann allen

43 leyton cross road
dartford kent dar7aw 01322 270325

adoption panel sevenoaks & dover

chairman childrens champions board

Anonymous said...

more SS perverts sexually abusing children

Anonymous said...

Dr Rod Rydall chief of SS

surprise surprise sexually abusing boys

Anonymous said...

listen to this it tells it all, what this sadistic evil scumbags get up to while stealing a newborn baby

any one heard of a blanket offense?

sounds like the SS blanket policies

Anonymous said...

this is what so-called care is like would this be good enough for mp's and councillors children

Anonymous said...

GARY COOKE the crook

on the adoption panel even though he has stolen and adopted children himself the jaffa

cunty councillor for maidstone south east in kent 01622 880686 07803007031

hillside, broad street hill, hollingbourne maidstone me17 1qy

nonce amongst thieves which one is he lining up for himself, he shouldnt be trusted around children let alone on adoption panel

Anonymous said...

What is going on in the uk police state is the same as the the stealing of children by the Nazis in the second world war.
Can't say enough times, the agenda "every child matters", words from Hilter.

Policy came from Berlin, we are living in a police state now,the SS are spys for the corrupt government.

Get the e-mails of all the MPs and write to them, under a difference name as you can not trust them
or M16/5.

Ask the MP what are they going to do about the lies in the family courts by the SS, corrupt judges, court, solicitors, barristers, law society, freemasons and the police, runing the show to cover up the abuse and wickedness to family life in the uk and around the world.

Notice, on BBC radio and TV they are asking for people to train as social worker's we can make a difference.Protecting children.

Big money stealing children, then use mind control on them.

The one's who need protecting they leave to die. Baby Perrin in Plymouth, Tudor Evans watch, big cover up and spin to the media.

Notice, the pattern, anyone who dares to question the lies is now mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

The GSCC forgot to say, that even the social work council could see though the deceptions and corruptions of social workers. The the complaints system is corrupt and bias.

The GSCC covers up the abuse, you will find that the government Ombuesman is in on the spin, to cover up the corruption by local councils. We must not give up

what has changed? get this blogg out to as many as poss.

Anonymous said...

soooon to be the next conservative maidstone borough councillor paul butcher if we are not careful

aka as a dirty old man by the local young girls, he is a chairman on a youth group and a DJ in a nightclub who flashes the cash

been trying for years in get in as a councillor, goes to show the conservative will take anyone

late 50's none of his girls friend are over 16

no doubt we will be reading about him in the papers soon or will his masonic friends hide what he gets up to

Anonymous said...

I will haunt you from the grave you shitbag government

all governments no matter who is in charge are shitbags !! they all know whats going on and dont give a shit

Anonymous said...

Heart Breaking Reality of UK Adoption

the sub-humans that do this MUST rot in HELL cos they sure WONT be going to heaven

Anonymous said...

Sod John Hemming MP the glory hunter

my monies on Ian Joseph any day
he used to be a Kent County Councillor

gives good advice for nothing and not just to look good on utube and get votes

Anonymous said...

Maidstone Borough Council staff & cllrs are very concerned at what is happening to families and children ,many support Cllr Williams although she may not believe this to be the case, in her efforts to support her grandchildren who continue to suffer at the hands of KCC. She spoke out at a scrutiny committee about the abuses within our own council against children after she had been asked to state her reasons to be able to grant a child a free place on a holiday playscheme(Hotfoot) from her devolved budget, and asked to complete a social services referral form on these children which sort her opinion on these families. She refused.(but the webcast was not be working and the minutes removed). Common Purpose is alive and well in Maidstone but no cllr or staff dares to mention it.

Hounded by the Conservatives to stand,it is well known that she wasn’t even a member when she was first elected and only put up as a paper candidate. The common purpose lead Kent Messenger wont print the fact that she resigned from the Conservative Party because of the abuses of her own granddaughters within Kent including the finger printing of young children in school for their library system without parental consent, which she raised with everybody including Paul Carter and leader at Maidstone.

Common knowledge that Eric Hotson the now deputy mayor forged paperwork that suggested that she had joined the Conservative Party when she had only signed for herself . KCC Paul Carter lied to her bare faced when confronted with the truth about not following correct procedures with her grandchildren and others, she was threatened with being labelled mad if she went to the press. She was told outright by the then leader of the Tories Eric Hotson that she could not raise Forced Adoption at the so-called scrutiny meetings which are in any case officer led and a complete waste of time and money, So much for being able to raise any issue.

The only crime she has been guilty of is caring previously for her granddaughters and pointing out the lack of support being offered to families by KCC, taking KCC to the LGO on educational matters of children being forced to go to school aged 4, objecting to biometric finger printing of children as young as 4 without parental consent including her own daughter at Loose Infant School. The governor of Loose Junior School and Greenfield’s Infants School who both introduced the system is Alan Chell a detested KCC cllr who had previously covered the backs of social workers when they had not followed correct procedures witnessed by Cllr Marion Ring concerning the abuse of families including the abuse of funds and lack of financial support.

There has been and is a very personal vendetta against Cllr Williams both prior to and after her election by KCC and many but not all of the Tories who run it.

Anonymous said...

This sounds about right for Stalinist Russia, I forgot we are in the uk. well it doesn't feel like.

Forced adpoptions, hidden agenda by nazis, social services, the SS Edd Balls and co.
Stealing and selling of children by the state has been going on for some time, false names, flase passport, false reports in the corrupt courts, by corrupt cafcass staff. big money. Cover ups, deceptions, and fraud

We do not have the rule of law, but, the rule of corrupt law-yer's,
absolute power by the gestapo state.

Any one seen or telling the truth and challeing the corrupt system, has to be seen by a psychiatrist.

Anonymous said...

The Liverpool c p s and the SS are working togther to set up a mother who has done nothing wrong.

Freemasons behind it.

lies and decpetions, they have no case so they trying to bring in another lie. Abuse of human rights to everyone.

Even when a high court judge can see what these bastards are up to, this is ingored. No justice just the anti Christ on the bench, evil and wickedness in the corrupt courts.

Anonymous said...

another sick child abuser in a position of power

Anonymous said...

payout maybe for abused children by people who are supposed to be paid to care

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely sicked by what is happening to the poor families on here no child is safe until these sick professionals if you can call them that are brought to account or at least removed and it looks like any family is fair game.

Whats the point in voting if they all know what is going on and do nothing.

My heart goes out to all you poor persecuted families I dont know what else I can do apart from tell everyone else they wont be able to get away it once the normal people in the street find out.

Anonymous said...

Julie Rook KCC Tory is standing in Wolverhampton not Wiltshire as a MP. She is married to the butcher who own Rooks Butchers in Maidstone they have a nice farm and alot of other properties. She definately knew where her bread was buttered when she married him.

Anonymous said...

child taken on false passport, from the USA screaming from the hospital bed at gun pont, dugged up by the SS to cover up the the actions of a doctor, at government level.

They have twisted the truth to suit an agenda and now the defence is saying it a case of national security, to stop the truth coming out by corrupt social workers, judges and Barristers.

This is happening in the EU POLICE STATE THE UK. We have lost the freedom we once had.

gordon brown gave awy the gold we had from the second world war. we pay £44 million a day to the EU.

look up john harris.
and common purpose, the you will see what they are up to.

The swine flu is a front to kill millions of people by the state, one world order, hidden agenda.

People should start to pray to Jesus Christ and the holy spirit only, for help, I am not joking we haven't seen the worse yet.

What we have now is evil.


Anonymous said...

Trobriges solicitor plymouth, Mr Mathrews freemason, corrupt firm.

Anonymous said...

Sane man has been locked up by the stalinist mental hospital in cardiff, the some group who steal and abuse children.

He is in cardiff crown court at 10 am tomorrow, this should be an open court. they do not want the public knowing about the deceptions and abuse by the police state.

He needs as many as poss and pray for this man 10 am Cardiff crown court. this could be any one of us.

Anyone who dare's to speak the truth and challenge the corruption is now menality ill.

The government has the fixed threat assessment unit, which they want to keep under wraps.

Anonymous said...

All this wickness while KCC Leader enjoys himself racing classic sports cars

Supposedly married with 3 adult children, he also has a rosy faced baby just like daddy by mistress jenny.

He loves his 4 1/2 Litre Bentley and races all over the world, no wonder he doesnt have the time to worry about children being stolen must be a bit boring for him.

One wonders what his racing buddies really think of him.

Better luck next time Norman with your magnificent Stutz, driven most ably by John Guyatt.

Another trip to the racing set maybe just to see how the other half live.Its who you know not what you know the really matters.

Anonymous said...

the nut house is what they have planned for anyone who dares speak out

Maurice Kirk a political prisoner in the UK

this 64 year old man is not mad just too clever for the wicked bastards

10 am Cardiff Crown Court
1st October 2009

Anonymous said...

June Conlon - Cafcass Newcastle (now retired )liar and unable to seperate fact from fiction. Inability to see the consequences of her actions, completely ignored their procedures.Biased toward a drunk abusive father before meeting mother and daughter.

Philip Bell - Cafcass Guardian Durham. Tried to pressure child in to something she did not want to do, see said drunk father. Lied to cover fathers non attendance at court. Turned up unnanounced at our home to make sure husband was not home. Told us letter had been sent, turned up 3 days later.

Anonymous said...

Trobridges solicitors in plymouth.
MS PRIYA PRASHAR was jailed for 2 years for stealing from her previous solicitor, employers and clients.
However, Trobridges solicitors knew 9months before her imprisonment that she was facing criminal charges. Rather than suspend her on full pay, although she shouldnt have any money by rights, the firm allowed her to continue representing clients, although they had stated she was supervised and not allowed to handle clients money/cheques, this was far from the truth. Ms Priya Prasher was given clients money of up to £ 1500.00 which has gone missing.

the firm are not interested they are corrupt, the fraud dept of the law society are aware nothing being done.They are run by a common purpose agenda, this is not the only case.

Other solictors in the firm have acted against the law regarding children and families, support the wrongs of Judge tyzack julie williams of cafass, who steals babies for sale and works with the SS in plymouth.

It about greed this people are sick

Has anyone reported Trobridges solicitors to the Master of the rolls?

this is not a lie the above is true

Anonymous said...

Other money has gone missing by the freemason firm of solictors called trobridges in plymouth, not just 15000.

All the solicitors are liers.

Warn other to keep away from trobridges solicitors, they are missing using legal aid money and human rights of clients.

The law society have done nothing about them, they want to keep it under wraps. Why, how can this be in the public interest?

Anonymous said...

Plans to allow the media to name social workers in family court cases are being opposed strongly by judges and lawyers, who warn that the change could breach human rights laws. They have expressed “grave concerns” that the latest tranche of reforms to open up the courts may drive away experts and violate children’s rights to privacy.

The Family Justice Council, chaired by Sir Mark Potter, the most senior family judge in England and Wales, is “extremely concerned” that the media will have access to confidential medical and social work reports.

The forum of lawyers, judges, social workers, academics and others in the family justice system said the potential for “naming and shaming” social workers could be contrary to children’s interests.

At a recent meeting, Professor Judith Masson, a family law academic from the University of Bristol, condemned the proposals as “wholly misconceived” and expressed “strong doubts” that they were compliant with human rights laws.

A paediatrician added that providing medical reports could conflict with rules on confidentiality while a psychologist said that the result would be sanitised reports of less value to the court. Fears were also expressed that the move would deter people from becoming social workers and that judges would face heavy criticism from the media if they refused to lift anonymity provisions.

Jack Straw plans to include proposals in his Schools and Safeguarding Children Bill to be introduced in the new session of Parliament in November. The Justice Secretary told The Times in July that the opening of the courts to the media for the first time in April was marred by reporting restrictions.

He said that he wanted to rationalise reporting rules in line with youth courts, so that the media would be able to report the substance of a family case and not just the “gist”, unless a judge ruled otherwise.

The plans would build on reforms that allow the media in to thousands of family hearings — from taking children into care to disputes over contact — after a campaign by fathers’ groups, politicians and the media led by The Times.

But the Family Justice Council members say that the parallel with youth courts is misconceived. In the youth courts there are allegations of criminal behaviour while in children’s cases in the family courts, children are “caught up in events not of their making”, they said.

Marilyn Stowe, senior partner with Stowe Family Law LLP, said reporting of judgments in family proceedings should be sufficient to lift the secrecy of family courts. She added that details such as identities or financial matters in divorce cases, for example, should remain private.

Andrew Greensmith, a leading member of Resolution, the 4,000-strong association of family lawyers, expressed concern that ministers were moving very quickly on proposals. This week ministers will meet those involved to discuss the proposals, but there is no consultation period for written comments.

Mr Greensmith, a family partner with Dickson Haslam, in Preston, said: “We support openness but our concern is that this consultation is rushed and likely to be inadequate.”

Anonymous said...

After decades of obsessive secrecy, supposedly to protect the interests of vulnerable children, the family courts will be required to open their doors a few centimetres wider as the Minister of Justice builds on rules introduced earlier this year that allowed some degree of media access but limited rights for them to report their observations.

More steps towards transparency potentially will mean witnesses, experts and childcare practitioners being identified and wider access being given to court documents.

Miscarriages of justice that undoubtedly occur, and can lead either to a child losing his family and ending up in long-term care or leave a child at risk with abusive parents, usually arise from courts relying on dubious expert evidence. The science that medical experts rely on when trying to decide between accident or wilful abuse where a child has a serious head injury or an unexplained fracture is not based on sound evidence. But the courts often treat it as though it is.

Experts who claim to be able to advise the courts with certainty in such difficult situations need to be named, and the opinions in their reports open to objective scrutiny. There needs to be dissemination of information and far more research to ensure that the courts are not misled. Access to court reports and naming of experts will help this process.

The argument against is that experts who currently do court work will be reluctant to continue as they fear being targeted by aggrieved parents if their reports are publicly available and if they are identified. It is said that the pool of expertise available to the court will then diminish.

In fact research by the Chief Medical Officer suggests that the main reason potential experts give for not doing court work is that they have not been asked. It is worrying that the courts rely on such a small group of experts and that the net is not cast wider.

More prosaically, we should know which experts give evidence and what is in their reports because the cost to the public purse, paid out of the legal aid fund, is so high. Many who work in the family courts believe that too many experts are called to give evidence, when child protection practitioners ought to be able to assist the court, such as whether a family is functioning in a safe way. Overuse of experts in family cases has caused costs to spiral and, even more important, has resulted in unacceptable delays before a child’s future is determined.

There is still huge opposition throughout the legal and social work professions to more transparency in the family courts, most of which is due to self-interest. But there are many good reasons for the minister to move ahead with his reforms as long as they are implemented slowly and carefully, ensuring that the anonymity of children and families is not jeopardised in the process.

Anonymous said...

They are right to be scared many people already have information and will bide their time.

take a look at these old farts who resemble something out of dads army, do they look like they are going to hold any of the already corrupt judges and SS accountable

not on your masonic nellie, with no real justice left what do they expect

Anonymous said...

[A letter a dear friend of mine sent to the Judge in the Family Court,( edited to protect identities) the Judge used paragraph 4 to remove them as party. Yet he failed to answer when asked in Court what would stop children’s services coming after their own children if they failed ‘so-called assessments including a psychological assessment that the Council and Judge were trying to rail road them into.]

After our recent LIP experience of the Family Courts regarding contesting the ICO (at your suggestion), in the hope our granddaughters would be returned to live with their grandparents. We now have ‘little faith’ in either the LA professionals who unfortunately, do not appear to act in the ‘best interests of the children’ or the present system that fails to make them accountable for their actions.

It may just be coincidental that I was standing for election in November 2007 after I had complained to the Director of Children’s Services , on a separate issue and took my complaints to the LGO.

Apparently, we could risk being labelled mad or worse if we go to the press; yet it seems pointless to Appeal without the media.

Regretfully, our stance on being assessed has not changed for the reasons given at the initial hearing; having young children of adoptable ages and no belief in the CSW comment ‘that the SS do not canvas for work’ our family has already been destroyed.

Please do not think us paranoid. A continuous stream of high calibre news articles including award winning Journalists, looking into ‘children’s services’ alongside the UN investigation into our Family Courts, EDM’s signed by numerous MP’s and
Jack Straw’s announcement to allow the press (April2009); all suggest otherwise.

There appears to be a mass of contradictions/inaccuracies and double standards.
Selective incomplete evidence, (mainly opinion based) interpreted as ‘fact’ without the full information requested from September 2002 including ‘notes’ from both the SS and CG. A different criteria/ model supplied (non-relative assessment), which is neither objective nor subjective. And discerning to note that there is no record of us receiving £100 cash from the SS .

Ironically, a Councillor on the ‘Children’s Champion Board’ sort my advice about ‘children’s services’ and is aware of our previous experience.
Although I did not ask him, he seems to have attempted to help; I am not his constituent nor did I ask about kinship care allowance and our children are not known to social care or receive services.

Charles J in Re R [2002] 1 FLR 755 and Munby J in Re L (Care Assessment: Fair Trial) [2002] 2 FLR 730In Re R,

Relatives are expected to jump through hoops and endure fishing trips that were simply not required on the two previous occasions, when XXXX and XXXX were placed in our care, on the second occasion after an interview with CPO.
The LA may have been concerned about a possible Judicial Review and this may have contributed to why an offer of a mandatory referral for (FGC) ‘not best practice’ as suggested in Court, was not forthcoming.

D-v- Southwark LBC [2007] EWCA Civ 182
. Munby J Manchester City Council – V – F (2002) 1FLR 43

What is the definition of better than good enough parenting?

The House of Lords (2008) ‘grandparents only have to be reasonable enough parents’

“Innocent yet presumed guilty unless we comply - On the balance of probabilities?”
We probably have far more experience than many of the professionals involved, having raised 6 children.

Anonymous said...


Supervisory contact is only required we believe, if there is a danger to the children.
Being a XXXX/CRB checked with no previous concerns, it is insulting and degrading to be only offered expensive supervised contact in an unnatural environment. While our offer of contact in our home (with foster carers if need be) and Cllrs/Corporate Parents offering to be present, is ignored/rejected.
Whilst bizarrely XXXX & XXXX have been transported by taxi virtually on a daily basis from XXXX that is 5 minutes from XXXX, to XXXX approximately a hours drive by their first set of inexperienced carers; all at the taxpayers expense?

Where are our granddaughter’s Human Rights to a family life? Having been placed in foster care, where their well-being has deteriorated after being separated and passed from ‘pillar to post’ and respite care, instead of with relatives.

DCSF – figures suggest that at least 2 children a week die and/or are abused in care.

Research suggests that there are well-evidenced advantages1 for children who cannot live with their parents to be raised by relatives or friends:
Farmer E and Moyers S (2008)‘Kinship Care: Fostering Effective Family and Friends Placements’ (Jessica Kingsley); Doolan et al (2004) Growing up in the Care of Relatives and Friends (Family Rights Group); Hunt J (2003) Family and Friends Care; coping Paper for Dept of Health; Broad, B (ed) (2001) Kinship Care: the placement of choice for children and young people (Russell House; Hunt Waterhouse & Lutman (2008forthcoming) Keeping them in the family (BAAF) Dr Lynne Wrenndall, Charles Pragnell. Lisa Blakemore-Brown, Brian Morgan, Dr Helen Hayward-Brown, Bruce Irvine,
Dr Clive Baldwin, Stephen Clark, Cathy Johnson (2004) Taking the stick away: the service users’ joint statement

It is hoped that XXXX (babies are far more sort after for adoption and a marketable commodity) will be given a Voice Child Advocate, (the CSW rejected this in favour of the CG only).

The FGC Co-ordinator’s comment ‘ holding a FGC at a late stage “energises families” is insulting and worthless when the LA holds all the power and should not be advising family members that I must agree to be assessed.
The joint comments from the LA solicitor and CG who later offered to alter her notes? The LA solicitor told me ‘ the LA only had a duty to consider family members.’
If Human Rights and the PLO can be so brazenly be disregarded/ ignored, is it any wonder that ¾ of children end up adopted or on SGO with strangers instead of relatives.

The CG Solicitor’s remarks outside the Court ‘that LA Counsel could speak for me, or XXXX a passing Solicitor could represent me or they would adjourn and the Court would/could not allow my grandchildren to be placed with us on ICO’ (reiterated the CG comment) and meeting immediately after Court, with the CSW/Counsel, but not us. And the CG & ISW lunching in the Café across the road, all show how cosy the relevant professionals appear to be, hardly independent.

‘ Generally speaking, guardians act as cheerleaders for social services departments. They are entirely compliant, and seem incapable of doing more than being a cheering section’. Eric Pickles MP. (We cannot disagree.)

As Corporate Parents we should act in the way we would if the children were our own. I am appalled at what I perceive to be professionals who fail to act in a professional manner and seem to have no intention of working to reunite children with families. The public would be astonished at the costs involved and outraged that relatives are over looked in favour of expensive foster care.

Totally amazed that such draconian measures of removing children without a mandatory referral for (FGC) can amount to; crystal ball gazing opinion backed up by expensive reports paid for from the public purse.
How is it possible to review a past non event and make a decision based on what may or may not have happened if a FGC had been held, when it could/did not take place?

Anonymous said...


Children are not mere commodities to be passed around for profit; clearly everyone involved is being paid, (the larger the bundle the more costly?), which could be better spent on ‘real’ child protection and desperately needed front line services to support families to ensure that mandatory FGC referrals are completed; improved services.

I came into politics in order to defend the children of the poor and help make sure that families receive the services they deserve. Councillors are more aware of their responsibility to ‘looked after children’ and the CEO is reviewing the case following a subsequent meeting with the XXXX Leader.

The one simple thing that can never be altered is my granddaughters’ heritage, we are blood relatives, our granddaughters will always be dearly loved and wanted; this can never be obliterated. Hopefully they will be reunited with family members, who if given the opportunity could have applied (if need be) for a RO via private law.

The Court has the power to remedy matters and take the more proportional approach that the LA has not done to-date. Please take into consideration our views and concerns when making your decisions about our granddaughters futures.

Anonymous said...

My God I can not believe that the UK has stooped to such low levels of internal corruption

Your poor poor children no wonder pregnant women have to escape the country any one would be terrified to have a child there

Anonymous said...

If this what they can do to elected members and my friend has been an elected member for over 17 years , what chance does the average man and woman in the street have.

You have other members who are serving members on children champions
boards whose grandchildren have had to flee the country to escape social services and remain living abroad to terrorized to return.

These same members dare not speak out publicly for fear of reprisals from their own parties and councils.Unfortunately they do not have the same protection of being a member of parliament who do have a voice but unfortunately dont bother to use it.

Anonymous said...

nice picture of Kent psychotic social worker fat cat chief executive highest paid in the UK

responsible for the stealing and forced adoption of thousands of children

Zoompad said...

Maureen Spalek, the Martyr of Liverpool, persecuted by Liverpool SS and secret family court.

Judge Roddy, hang your guilty head in shame!

Anonymous said...

not content with stealing our children they also want to kill us

Swine Flu Vaccine - How it will become mandatory

Before I get into how I see the swine flu vaccine becoming mandatory, know that there is squalene oil in the H1N1 vaccine. The so-called purpose of the squalene is to increase the effectiveness of the vaccine. Squalene was used in anthrax vaccines and is what caused Gulf War Syndrome, an autoimmune disease.

The human body has natural squalene, but when squalene is injected unnaturally into muscle tissue, the body sees it as a foreign substance and creates antibodies to destroy squalene, resulting in an autoimmune disorder. Symptoms attributed to this syndrome have been wide-ranging, including chronic fatigue, loss of muscle control, headaches, dizziness and loss of balance, memory problems, muscle and joint pain, indigestion, skin problems, shortness of breath, insulin resistance, brain cancer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and fibromyalgia.

Once your body creates squalene antibodies, it will continue to attack the natural squalene in your body indefinitely. You will be sick the rest of your life and your life will most definitely be shortened.

Go to US Department Health and Human Services via this link,

and see that over $400 million was spent on bulk oil and water adjuvants for the vaccine. The bulk oil adjuvant is squalene.

If you do nothing else after reading this email, at least research keywords Squalene H1N1 Vaccine and make your own educated decision as to whether or not you should risk taking squalene laced vaccine prior to it becoming mandatory.

The following is a sequence of events as to how I believe the swine flu vaccine will be made mandatory.

In June '08, 21 out of 350 homeless people in Poland died after being injected with the lethal bird flu virus (H5N1). Dont believe it? Research it. It is my belief that the eugenicists, elites who believe the human race should be depopulated in order to save the planets ecosystem, were attempting to find the correct dosage of bird flu virus required to cause death. Research the keywords eugenicists, Georgia Guidestones, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger, Committee on Foreign Relations, Illuminati, Club of Rome, and Bohemian Grove to learn more about these elites who control the world through debt and central banks.

As of September 13, 2009, the World Health Organization reports that 2625 people have died from the swine flu virus in the Americas, which includes South, Central and North America. The combined population of these regions is around 960 million people. According the CDC, the common flu kills over 30,000 people per year in the United States alone. So why is there all this media hype about how important it is to have the H1N1 vaccine? Why?

Anonymous said...

In early October, the USA will have 45 million H1N1 swine flu vaccines available for injection. I predict that within one month of the initiation of vaccinations, the number of deaths allegedly caused by swine flu will increase. The mainstream media will spin it by saying the H1N1 virus has mutated into something more deadly. They will also state that it is more important than ever to get the swine flu vaccine, because although the virus may have mutated, the vaccine is still your best bet for protection. This will be a lie because the virus is actually becoming less lethal, because it is genetically combining with normal flu strains which we have a strong immunity against. As for the media lying to us, research keywords controlled mainstream media and learn how the mainstream media is owned by a handful of people.

The next round of vaccines will start in November. More of the vaccines will have live H5N1 virus and the death rate will increase. Now the panic is really beginning as we are being told by the media the virus continues to mutate into something more deadly and that we must all be vaccinated as it is the only chance we have of stopping the virus from spreading. So even more people will get the vaccine and the death rate will continue to climb as more live bird flu vaccines are added in the December release of the vaccine. By this time, just about everyone will know someone who has allegedly died of the swine flu. By January-February, tens of thousands will have died and the vaccine will be made mandatory. If you don't take it, you will be quarantined. Research the Massachusetts H1N1 Pandemic law, which is soon to be signed into law by Governor Deval Patrick. There is also the possibility that if you have taken the vaccine, you will be required to wear a bracelet containing an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip. Research the keywords RFID H1N1 Vaccine Bracelet.

The CDC is stating that more than one shot may be necessary for the vaccine to be effective. But right now they say We just cant be sure. The eugenicists are planting the idea that more than one vaccine may be required in order to boost your immunity.

If these events play out, I hope that you will think to yourself, "Hey, I remember reading that crazy guy's email and now it's happening just like he said it would." Maybe you will even remember that very few people were dying from the H1N1 flu before the vaccines came out. Perhaps you will then consider not taking the vaccine and maybe youll even begin encouraging others to learn more about the vaccine prior to taking it.

No matter what happens, remember to always pray for world peace and to let it begin with you.

Anonymous said...

is this why the government are stealing our children, how many child molesters are in the government or positions of power over our children?

Anonymous said...

another nanna saying goodbye to her stolen grandchild taken this year

Anonymous said...

Maxine Agatha Rose S.W
Valerie Ann Cresswell TEAM MANAGER
Stephen Richard Parker S.W
headmistress suspected secret social worker Carol Norman aka. Caroline E Norman TRACED ON gscc website.
Susan Gilbourne Solicitor for Nottingham L.A.
Beryl Gilead counsel for Nottingham L.A.......
LIES WERE TOLD, BIASED REPORTS THAT DID NOT REPRESENT THE TRUTH. MORE LIES SUPPOSEDLY FROM MY CHILDRENS MOUTHS. My children now in long term foster care ca of there evil lies. Not to mention
District Judge Harris
Chartered Psychologist Andrew Kawalek.
The foster mother for keeping my sons falsely imprisoned and keeping vital information away from ss to keep her "wage packet"- my boys who tell me everything STILL.
Stephen Mannering Sheltons solicitors. Notts.

Anonymous said...

battered women are losing their children to forced adoption

Anonymous said...

cafcass greedy pigs

and corrupt government

Purebloodhunter said...

Pam Allen (now director of childrens section)
Roberta Lynes
Margret Richmond
Jill Black
Miriam stevenson
All the above work for Rotherham and will take your kids for any reason even if they only have a bruise

Tim Cox (now working for After Adoption Yorkshire)
Phil Kelly (dont know where working now)
Dr Sonia Sharp (Now executive director of Sheffield)
Alll above do the same as first SW's named

Anonymous said...

"Shame Your Social Worker"

Carolyn Steen, Alan Borg, David Goldstone, David Kaye

Carolyn Steen - racist bigot and liar. Carolyn Steen. Coram Family. Dr Alan Borg. David Goldstone. (retired June 2005). David Kaye. Coram Family Governors and Advisors. She is also the vice president of the coram contact centre who claims to be a charity, but accept large fees for each contact session. Carolyn Steen has an ugly skin disease, maybe thats payback for all the children that she lied on resulting in broken families.

The social workers involved in my case were Christine Whitaker, Susie Abrahams, Steven Gauntley, Janet Hill, Ruth Merry the judge was judge Jones and the guardian was Karen Firth who was an ex social worker so how was she independent but the biggest lying social worker involved in my case was Joanne Blakey now Joanne Rhylls she lied in court and also thought it was right to get my now 6 year old daughter adopted by two women! Love to you all, mum on a mission xxxxxx


SHARON HYND - SW - Fabricates unbelievable stories and corrupt to the core.
TRACY BURKE - SW Team leader - Backs up her minions lies and corrupt with no morals what so ever.
TERSEA STEPHENSON - Manageress -Issues fraudulent "Enhanced Disclosures" Backs up her whole team and lies with ease.
DAVID MILLAR - Childens Reporter Legal dept- Misqotes the Law to his advantage and has no morals.

I feel so much better for that, many thanks

Anonymous said...

This is bloody marvelous, for all you corrupt officials..this ones for you

make sure you turn up the volume
we would want you to miss any of it

Anonymous said...

child molesters at the very top

Anonymous said...

In Plymouth they are keeping the truth about little teds nursey under wraps, who is in charge Browean Lacey and Barry Keel common purpose.

Plymouth mind, they are working to an agenda so called patients are milking the system with benefits going on three holidays a year, nothing wrong with them, the one who need the support have not been getting the help.

However, for a long time their has been trouble in the way it has been run, deception and fraud.

Sara Singer was working for plymouth mind, she is on the dark side, evil old cow, corrupt, lier sleeps about with anyone's husband.

Went to work for the women battered wifes home in plymouth, complaints had been made to the police about her conduct, bulling, threats, she was alloweing the offender in the home and putting womena t risk.
Sara Singer is a spy for the SS in plymouth, women have losted children to fostering and forced adoption as a result of her actions.

Someone once saw snakes comeing out of her head and I am not joking.

Anonymous said...

Tracy Holland, liverpool steals children for the SS for fostering adoption, cow.

Anonymous said...


Kent Family In-Justice Council
Resolution – first for family law

Avoid like the plague if you want to keep your children

'Resolution’s 5700 members are family lawyers committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Our members follow a Code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. Our members encourage solutions that consider the needs of the whole family - and in particular the best interests of children.all work together to remove children'


Anonymous said...

Peter Gilroy chief executive kent county council

Age "I never say and I never ask anyone at an interview. I don't want to know."

got to be getting on for 60,but with all the plastic surgery, hair implants & two-tone hair dye, permanent makeup and acid peels its difficult to say.

Yes is really is a man not a woman

Status Married, two daughters.

Lives The Weald, Kent.

Training Qualified as a psychiatric social worker. Vocational qualifications include registered mental health nurse and CQSW and management training.

Career 1976-78: senior social worker, Devon county council; 1978-79: district manager, Devon county council; divisional director, Devon county council; 1979-86; area director, East Sussex county council, 1986-89, director, commissioning, East Sussex county council; 1991-97: senior assistant director, Kent county council; 1997-2005: strategic director, Kent social services.

Public life Lead director, asylum and migration, Association of Directors of Social Services.

Interests Music, Native American history, horse riding, flying, hiking, water-skiing.

Yes we really do wish he would take permanent hike.

G. Torbohm said...

It is excellent to give information’s to parents about their legal rights.
But it works a little ridiculously to name and shame Social Workers, to publish addresses and characteristics of the cars and photos of social workers here and hide yourselves then in anonymity!

Gunnar Torbohm
German Social Scientist

G. Torbohm said...

It is excellent to give information’s to parents about their legal rights.
But it works a little ridiculously to name and shame Social Workers, to publish addresses and characteristics of the cars and photos of social workers here and hide yourselves then in anonymity!

Gunnar Torbohm
German Social Scientist

Anonymous said...

Corrupt, fraud and deception in Plymouth county court, by the corrupt plymouth social services, Foot Nasty corrupt solicitors, stealing land and trying to steal 5children off parent, because the corrupt Gary Streeter MP wanted parents land.

His daughter Ruth works for foot nasty solicitors in plymouth, surely after he was told off for his own fraud and deception by the law society and fined £1000.

Should his daughter Ruth be working for the same firm as her corrupt father? conflict of interests, all happening in plymouth.

These peopele are wicked bastards

Like father like daughter ? How did she get the job with foot nasty solicitors?

Gary Streeter is a freemson and all the judges sitting in plymouth county court, you can not get a fair hearing, we know they have been trying to take land and houses off the public, the police are in on it as well.

Anonymous said...

Barry Tyres and Sue Wash, social worker working as self employed, their own business. He tell lies in reoprts to the court about your children and supports the abuses.

These guys basis what they have to say on hear say, not the truth. if anyone stand up against these wickedness in the court the SS and the othre agencies working for the corrupt state try and say your mentally ill.

The german social worker who thinks we should say who we are is talking rubblish. After all it was the nazi germans to started the 1939 war, so how can you be trusted in what you ahve to say. children that need protecting are left by the SS and those who try and protect them good people they are got at for telling the truth.

By the way we won the war and we will win this war. Evil, wickedness, corruption, fraud deception, child sex abuse, freemsons, common purpose .........

Thye will all have their day and go to the "fire of hell" bye bye

Anonymous said...

Sarch Singer involved in corruption with womens aid, in plymouth and Grace Chatting a spiteful social worker, they have been working together in plymouth along the the same lines of fraud against good people. Neither of them like to be told they are in the wrong or at fault.

Complaints, it take the GSCC two years to deal with a rsponse of coruption by social workers, by the public.

Anonymous said...

Who is Tracy Holland ? from liverpool, fostering and adoption agencies.

What is her back ground, is she in to stealing children and telling lies to the SS. We need to find out more.Please help.

The agenda of child stealing and breaking up of the family unit came from the one world order United Nations.

It all about money and mind control by the state.

"every child matters" policy came from Berlin, Germany, new labour nazis.
These words came from Hilter 1939.
Look what he did, and people are still suffering now!

It time to get Edd balls, "balls"

Anonymous said...

Have any of you considered that your children were removed because you weren't the perfect parents you thought you were? Yes children should stay with their parents but only if they are capable. Perhaps instead of complaining about it in a blog you should think about what the authorities said about you and try to make real changes in your lives so that you can make yourself better people for your children's sake and rebuild your relationship with them. They will probably love you on some level no matter what you have or haven't done for them. Perhaps this will mean swallowing your pride and taking a parenting course, realising that you can't continue a relationship with an abusive man/ or someone that could potentially be a threat to your children, going to rehab or taking anger management classes. Whatever it is that you need to change, the first step is accepting that you are not a perfect parent (no one is!) and realising that you need to change and taking action to change. If you can’t do this are you really doing everything you can to keep your children in your care, love them, make them happy and keep them safe? Being a parent isn't a right, it's a privilege. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

having worked for the nspcc i am aware of the changes that have taken place over the years, they are not for the good.

when child protection offciers have been aware of judges abusing children and the corruption, they got sent to another dept, we could do nothing this has been kept under wraps. protection of the judges,court, and big money.

All comes first, not the welfare of the child/ren

Has anyone been on a parenting course, what rubblish they are, run by the SS.

Wake up to the fact that good parents have had their children taken by nazis, lies deception abuse of power and fraud in the social services depts run up and down the UK by new labour.

These sick bastards think that they can get off with stealing children and telling lies, they twist the truth, its all about money, they even try and use the mental health card, the SS are out of control, the SS make it up as they go along, this is coming out of public money.

Anonymous said...

The corrupt SS tell nothing but lies in corrupt courts and the public are being kept in the dark

families and good social workers, nspcc staff, foster carers etc are naming and shaming on here and have no need to lie

it is so obvious that many corrupt workers dont like being named on here so put out more lies and comments

well that is too bad and its too late for no one is frightened anymore of your threats of prison for speaking out

whatare you going to do put us all in prison. I dont think so there is too many of us noting can shut us up

Anonymous said...

parent threaten by the police if she didn't let people in to her house were her 15 year daughter was asleep, she had run away from the a social services children home. I wonder why
However, the Social services did nothing for four week before hand, but got nasty the second time. what about the rights of the young person

Anonymous said...

rosie talyor social worker worked around the area of vazcakley liverpool, tells lies in report steals children for adoption, nasty cow.

Anonymous said...

If A Lie Is Repeated Often Enough
(regardless of how big the lie is)
Eventually It Will Be Accepted As The Truth.

This is what the whole system is based on LIES

Anonymous said...


You asked whether parents in care proceedings are pressured into putting their children up for adoption. We can assure that the family care system has multiple safeguards in place to ensure cases are dealt with justly and all parties are on an equal footing. In every case concerning the upbringing of a child, the court is required to treat the welfare of the child concerned as its paramount consideration. To assist the court, a child's guardian (who is independent of the local authority) is appointed to advise what is in the child's best interests. Parents are also entitled to free legal representation.

Anonymous said...


Where the court makes an order placing a child in the care of a local authority, the authority will continue to work with the family with a view to the child returning home. However, a stage may be reached when it is apparent that the child cannot return home. It is at this stage that the local authority must make alternative plans to provide the child with a permanent family home. Adoption is one way of providing this and is appropriate for some children, depending on the facts of each individual case. The final decision on adoptions rests with the courts and before a court makes such an important decision it must be convinced, on the basis of the evidence, that this is the best way to meet a child's needs on a long-term basis.
We understand individuals may sometimes disagree with the decisions of the court. In the event an individual is unhappy with the decision of the court or the outcome of the case, they have the option to appeal to a higher court and should seek legal advice if they wish to appeal.
You expressed concerns about family courts operating behind `closed doors.' The Government has recently introduced fundamental changes to the family justice system to increase the openness and transparency of the family courts whilst protecting the privacy of the children and families involved in proceedings.
On 27 April 2009, new rules of court were implemented which provide for accredited members of the media to have the right to attend most family court cases across all tiers of court, except, for the time being, in placement and adoption proceedings. The aim of media attendance is that family justice is not only done, but seen being done. This open and visible justice will ensure accountability through professional and public scrutiny of the decisions of the court while simultaneously dispelling myths and increasing public confidence in the way the family courts work. This is balanced with the right of parties to apply, or the court of its own motion, to exclude the media where it is in the interests of the child or for the protection of a vulnerable witness.
The revised court rules also make provisions for the disclosure of information connected with the proceedings in cases involving children. Since April 2009, parties and their legal representatives can disclose information relating to their case to any person, and at any point in the proceedings, for the purposes of advice and support, the purposes of mediation, or to pursue a complaint against a person connected to the proceedings (Unless a judge has ruled that such disclosure is not permitted). These rules make it easier for parties to get the help and support they need at a difficult time.
These changes are part on an ongoing package of reforms increasing the availability and quality of the information about the family courts to the public. Future measures were recently outlined in the Government's draft legislation programme for the next Parliament. They include provisions for legislation on a clearer and more consistent reporting restriction framework, which, if enacted, will enable the reporting of the substance of family proceedings in the media. These provisions will provide protection of identity during and beyond the conclusion of proceedings and also provide courts with the discretion to lift anonymity once proceedings have concluded.
A pilot will begin in the near future that places anonymised family court judgments online so that the public can have free access to them at anytime. This will allow the public to examine the judge's logic and better understand the decisions rendered in family law cases. The ultimate aim of all these measures is greater transparency and accountability in the family courts.
Matthew Gill
Care Proceedings Programme

Anonymous said...

Betrayed by the State familes being abused so the state can steal their children

Anonymous said...

social workers devoted to family life and society.
Anyone who dislike's or critices tthem must be suffering from a border line personality disorder, accuse judges and lawyers of colluding with the SS and you must have paronaia.

Therefore you do not deserve to have new born babies or toddlers.
We are they experts, what shit!

Your children are adopted by complete stranger's for a profit who you can be trusted never to abuse them on the hearsay of the SS experts.

The lower courts and the high court in london is corrupt, judges are part of the freemsons, common purpose has been running the law society for years.

1000's of complaints have been made about solicitor's, like the SS they are kept under wraps.

Even if the courts are open this is spin, "the anti christ", sits on the bench.

How do you get your children back that have been taken by corrupt social workers, cafcass and dirty old judges who like rent boys.

Even when the children have grown up and are 18 years old, you will find the files have been got at, and full of lies by social workers who do not come back for their wickedness and act of evil.

If the children are taken in to care, it appears that 40% die in care, nothing done about that one. murder by the state.

In Russia they had to give back the children.

What we are seeing is that children taken of the hearsay of corrupt social workers, they lie in reports.

Even when you have never met them they make stuff up about people, fraud and deception.

They are out of control.

Why do we give away £45 million each day to the corrupt EU. This public money were is it going.

What is going on is the agenda from the united nations "every child matters" berlin. Words from Hilter, wake up before it to late.

Anonymous said...

Guardian, Julie Williams works in plymouth south west cafcass, in to stealing babies for adoption works with the local authority, making money. lies in reports to the courts.

carel said...

Some of the comments make me laugh, they show little if no insight into what really goes on in this insidious evil.

I myself got away from a narcissistic abusive ex, followed no contact, did it all right, and got rid of him, and set up my own business, all while being pregnant and him trying to hurt me to have a miscarriage (he didnt want the baby and told me to get rid of it) He also used to send me pictures of inverted pentagrams with Bamphomet in the centre of it. Like I said, I got away.

But come the care proceedings, bearing in mind I told SW Peter Davison all of this, what he used to do, he only brings back this bastard into the proceedings, just as I was winning. He only did this to stir up trouble and the rest of it. A disgusting play of games ensued, my ex using my baby daughter terribly in ways she could not defend herself. What did the SS do when I reported this? NOTHING.

To say some of us dont deserve our babies or our children, well, those comments clearly come from those narrow minded enough, hateful enough, and dysfunctional enough to project their OWN issues onto the rest of us...oh wait...that describes the majority of SOCIAL WORKERS.

Please remember the only being fit to judge is our loving, all knowing Creator, and no one else on this board or anywhere. Shame on you.

We will all answer to God one day, and I have nothing to fear, can the same be said of the lying judges and social workers in their Admiralty Courts Plc??

Not one of us on here who have had our flesh and blod stolen can be silenced any longer, we have nothing to loose, and the TRUTH WILL BE OUT.

Carel, of the Caine family,
Rightful mother of Lia Nicole

Anonymous said...

Have social workers ever considered
that your not perfect, as a social worker you thought you were?
Perhaps we are right to make complanit's in this blogg and to the press and the GSCC, we wouldn't want the truth to be kept under wraps and in the dark for ever would we now,
dear me that would never do, don't you agree. We now have to get protection from those who we thought were their to protect us.
Maybe you should think about changing your ways before it is to late, for your own salvation. Rebuild your relationships with the rest of us-although it might be to late for some of you, it would mean swallawing your pride and taking a course in being human.
Maybe think about your mental health problem that your projecting on to the rest of us, you could go to rehab and think about your drug and drink problem.
Go on a diet I have seen lots of fat social workers, it must be a hard life sitting in a office all day, try and get out more.
You could think about the threats you make to new mothers who have just had their babies taken off them in hospitals, on your hearsay and lies..
Go on traning regarding telling the truth instead of the millions of lies and learn to write the truth in reports, you could take action to change.
A good parent will ever give up their right to protect them selves or their children.

If you do evil and wickedness to others, it wil come back to you.

carel said...

I should also mention that I was adopted as a new baby myself, into what can only be described as a living hell.

But the social workers are keen to praise themselves as demi-gods, that they took allll of these babies away from nasty 'poor' birth parents and gave them a better start to life in middle class surburbia.

Sorry to burst the bubble, but I was given to control freaks, one who was a 'christian' well she was the most evil. She played down my non blood brother who used me as a punch bag. I would ask other families to 'foster me'. I was 11. I tried to run away at 15, but I needn't have worried, because that wonderful adoptive mother I was placed with, threw me out routinely from the age of 17. It caused me to loose my place as a student nurse.

I emailed the social workers responsible for my adoption. I told them I held them accountable for their part. I too hold myself responsible for my part also. I was determined to still love and be happy and forgive, and to make the most of this life given to me.

But sadly, my real mother has since died, but she is with me and I always loved her. I am my mothers daughter, and my daughter is too.

So please, dont kid yourself that these adopted babies and children are going onto better lives, they are going to 'box tickers' and that usually means bad news for them children.



Anonymous said...

the uk is the only country that allowes forced adoptions, adoption with out the parents consent to go through the courts Why.

What is meant by working with the family, you have to have a witness with you, because of the deceptions,threat bullying and verbal insults and even abuse by social workers.
social workers try and break the bonds between the blood line family memebers, they break families up, what is mean tby working with the families. stealing new born babies?

Anonymous said...

Maureen Spalek


Anonymous said...

someone need to sort out alderhay childrens hospital child protection team in liverpool, another corrupt lot, need a good kicking if you ask me.

these people are on good money, they are all working together to break up families. It not what you think it is anymore very sad.

Anonymous said...

They cannot lawfully or legally seize your property on the say so of a judge who is operating outside the law hence against the crown. HE is committing an act of common TREASON against the CROWN. See, NuLab may have taken treason out of the statute books but it IS still a common law offence; in this context you would be looking at petit... Read More treason which is not distinguished from murder (of any subject of the Sovereign) - this is still actionable as a murder whether or not a deceased body is produced as evidence, along with a charge of high treason - disloyalty to the Sovereign amounting to an intention to undermine their authority or the actual attempt to do so. Running a court where the decision has already been made to a: action the petition and b: deny the defendant his given right to a fair and speedy hearing is high treason.

Anonymous said...

What has telling the truth got to do with your home, why would a judge threat a member of the public, what about your right to a fair hearing. In Maurren case the freemason are behind it and the wicked police in runcorn.

Her children were taken by the corrupt child protection team at Alderhay children hospital, they tolds lies about Maureen, however she has a judgemnet that confirms her children were taken unlawfully. Crime against humanity ?

where are the social workers helping her get her children back, someone took them this is against the law, why haven't the police arrested the offenders.

I think one of them might be Tracy Holland, she has told big lies to the police about Maurren. Who she had never met, so she made stuff up.

How can her children be taken? what went on? taken with out the consent of the mother in the UK, or the wishes of the children, taken in to account,this is wicked and evil.

No doubt this was in the best interests of the child? I wonder?

Wait for it, it was those social workers at it again, it like, come dancing, hearing allthis stuff you want to turn it off, over the top behavieur?

I do think some of these social worker types have mental health problems, they do all appear to be fat, it must be the worry of living being found out for thier deceptions.

Why are they stealing children I would like to know, can any one tell say, then lie about to the public? we might as well be at war. What is going on?

Anonymous said...

Get them all for high treason, hang them up high

Anonymous said...

If they break enough laws, we are dumbfounded

They steal, pirate & plunder children and property, have a pattern of abuse and no standing to do so

The whole system is based on bluff and ignorance by keeping the people dumbdowned

They had better clean up their act or they will be held accountable one by one

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